Air Purifiers

Everyone knows fresh and clean air is vital to good health. In Singapore, we generally enjoy good air quality for the whole year round, aside occasional pollution from neighbor countries due to haze. Bad air quality is not restricted to just haze, but also pollens, bacteria, viruses, smoke from cigarette & motor vehicles, something that we are not able to control, but only to minimize our exposure by either wearing a facial mask or stay indoor.

Now, you can have innovative, high quality, effective and affordable compact & personal air purification system that you can bring with you.


WEIN ZEPA500 Silent Night

By proof of performance, Silent Night has earned the position to be among the same level of high performance top-selling HEPA air cleaning systems. The difference is that Silent Night’s ElectroDynamic technology is compact, 8X lighter, 2x-4x less expensive, uses 4X less electricity and has no fan noise! Silent Night is sleep and user friendly as there is only one setting:  maximum efficiency

Silent Night ZEPA 500


WEIN AS150MM Personal Air Supply

WEIN AS150MM is a patented and proven personal air charger that effectively repel harmful particles around your breathing zone, effectively creating a “clean zone” around the wearer. It’s the best choice next to wear a facial mask, which can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. Excellent choice for people traveling in public or visiting highly contagious place. Made in USA. Find out more here

WEIN AS1500 Personal Air Supply