Car Ionic Purifier Automate AS1250


Cleaner, more fresh air anywhere you drive

Our car interior space are relatively small and can easily be polluted by many airborne sources like mold in your car’s air condition system and ducts, sweat assimilated into seats (and odor causing), tobacco smoke, toxic release from upholstery and etc.. This is why it is vital for every one who owns a car to have a powerful air purification system in your car. Don’t be deceived by air fresheners. They does not solve the cause.  Breathing healthy air is just as important as eating healthy food, and with the Wein’s Ionized Car Purifier AutoMate AS1250 Air Purifier you can breathe clean healthy air without even thinking about it.

How are different airborne contaminants handled by the AutoMate?

• Viruses & Bacterial Germs: Incinerated by the corona discharge.
• Odors: Oxidized into deodorized compounds.
• Chemical Contaminants: Oxidized into benign chemicals.
• Dust and Dust Mites: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration.
• Mold: Carbonized and vaporized by incineration.
• Second Hand Smoke: Solids are carbonized and gasses are oxidized.

Automate AS1250

Wein AutoMate AS1250 – The Same Awesome Technology As The Air Supply.

• Cigarette lighter socket plug in ionic air purifier
• Emitter: solid platinum / gold plated stainless steel collector
• 800,000 ions/ cubic centimeter
• Length: 4.5 inches
• Diameter: 1 inch
• Cleaner, more fresh air anywhere you drive.
• Manufacturer warranty
• Made in USA
• Uses the same technology as the Wein Air Supply mini-mate.
• Tested by leading scientists
• Construction: aircraft type polycarbonate
• Tested by leading scientists
• Silent, filterless, fanless, maintenance free operation
• Ion indicator
• Platinum emitter and gold plated stainless steel collectors

How it Works

Based on similar technology as Air Supply, Automate generates an intense electrostatic ion wind that charges floating particles in the car, charges toxic allergens, smoke, dust, viruses and bacteria and causing many to be electrostatically repelled. Perfumes and odors are also minimized by the Automate ionization effect.

WEIN Ionic products have been shown under sophisticated testing and laboratory conditions to significantly and continuously reduce indoor airborne aerosol particles between 0.04 to 3 microns in size. These behave like many particles such as smoke, dust, mold spores, allergens, pollens, bacteria and virus.

This studies were conducted by Aerosol Authorities at a leading U.S. Laboratory at a school of environment science and was presented to the European Aerosol Conference Sept. 7th 2001 in Leipzig, Germany and subsequently published in the journal of aerosol science.

A leading aerosol scientist who peer reviewed the studies had this to say about virulent airborne particles:

“Whether a particle is biological or virulent in humans is of no relevance while it is airborne. It becomes important only after it has deposited on human tissue or in the lungs. While still airborne, these virulent particles obey the same laws and effects as all airborne particles of the same aerodynamic size and density. This includes all airborne particles.”


Checkout the demonstration of ionic air stream generated by Automate below

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