Almag Active (Cell Energy 3)

Previously, the brand name used for Almag in Singapore and the ASEAN region was Cell Energy. Therefore, we will use the name Cell Energy interchangeably for a similar model, unless it is specifically emphasized otherwise.

There are multiple models available in the Almag/Cell Energy Series, among which Cell Energy 3 (CE3) and Cell Energy Metabolic (CEM) are the most widely used. Physically, these models are alike. However, the main contrast lies in the frequencies and intensity of the 3 built-in programs. The metabolic PEMF model, such as CEM, is appropriate for adults who suffer from chronic metabolic disorders.

Almag Active (Cell Energy 3)

Almag Active is a medium intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic (80-200 Gauss/8-20 mT) device designed for localized treatments. The device is ideal for physiotherapy, recovery, and rehabilitation applications. There is a pediatric mode with a lower intensity, suitable for children.

The device consists of the control unit (current pulse generator) and an emitter containing four interconnected inductor coils. Designed to provide flexible exposure to different body parts.

Almag Active, Cell Energy 3 PEMF

At the controller, there is an on/off button with 3 programs to choose from ranging from 60 Gauss (6mT) to 200 Gauss (20mT).

The coils are arranged in two stripes of two coils each. As a result, the placement of the body is much more flexible. The two strips can be placed simultaneously on two legs, for example. With a pouch included, you can combine the two stripes into one single stripe known as a “Spline layout”.

Active/CE3 Programs

Program 1 focuses on general wellness applications. The lower intensity (Program 2) is designed for use by children or for application to the head region (i.e. pediatric mode). In Program 3, at 100Hz, there is a more effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. A detailed user manual is included with the system to explain how to use the system and how to set it up for various conditions.

Almag Active Metabolic (Cell Energy Metabolic)

The Almag / Cell Energy Metabolic is an enhanced version of CE3, which has a metabolic/oxygenation mode (program 2) that targets conditions related to cellular metabolism. Programs 1 and 3 remain unchanged, but with an increased intensity of approximately 30% over CE3.

Almag Active Metabolic, PEMF

CEM/AAM Programs

Program 1 focuses on general wellness applications. The Program 2 is designed for people who have chronic metabolic conditions, as a complementary therapy. Program 3 offers a better analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect at 100Hz. The system comes with detailed instructions for use and setting up the system for different conditions. Other than Program 2, Programs 1 and 3 share similar frequencies with CE3, but operate at a higher intensity (approximately 30% more).

Almag Active, PEMF, layout

Flexible Coil Placement

CE3/CEM’s dual stripe dual-core configuration allows coil placement to be flexible for maximum effectiveness. The diagram below illustrates some possible placements for various applications.

Almag Active PEMF coil placement

As part of the package, there is also an inductor coil strap that allows you to tie the four coils together for easier handling.

Almag Active PEMF Strap

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