Dr Wasei Electric Field Potential Therapy

Dr Wasei Electric Field Potential Therapy technology is originated from Japan, with comprehensive features suitable for both home and centre uses for general wellness.


Offering five levels of voltage (800V – 9000V), three waveform and three levels of Dr potential concentration, and timer up to 480 minutes for sleep function, the permutation allows one to better custom the settings for individual uses and needs.

How Electric Field Potential Therapy (EFPT) Works

The EFPT system attempts to create a high-voltage static electric field around the body, with the objective to induce a very low current (microcurrent) electric energy inside our body. Such low-intensity energy works in-level with our body own natural electrical energy, promoting cellular vitality, circulation, autonomic nervous system and cellular energy production. Read more about Electric Field Potential Therapy here


Unique Features of Dr Wasei

Dr Wasei Electric Field Potential Therapy (EFPT)  system offers the following benefits

  • 100% Japanese technology, safety and design.
  • Compact and portable, and easy to operate with English/Chinese labels
  • Offers both the high & negative potential treatment. Neutral setting help activate body cells, suitable for warming up and increasing of metabolism.
  • Four automated programs to choose from
  • Three different waveforms (sine wave and modulated waveforms) for better stimulation effects.
  • Offers adjustment to negative potential ratio – 50%, 75% and 100%. This allows adjustment of intensity for different applications need. This
  • Extremely low voltage suitable for over the night application (i.e. 800V-1000V). Most other systems start at 1,500V or higher.

Applications of Dr Wasei EFPT system self-healing as delivers wellness device. It is suitable for use on the following conditions

  • For the promotion of body circulation, & vitality
  • Help relieve pain and promotes relaxation & stress relief
  • Promotes self-healing and recovery
  • May help conditions due to metabolic & body regulation
  • May help conditions caused by the imbalance of body PH (i.e. overall acidic body condition)


Like any electrotherapy devices, people with the following conditions should consult a doctor before using the system

  • People with electronic implants like a pacemaker
  • Pregnant women
  • Epilepsy
  • Acute condition or fever
  • Under treatments to suppress specific functions like immunosuppressant, etc.
  • While negative electric field environment can be beneficial for cancer patients or malignant tumour condition, always consult the doctor before using it

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