EarthPulse v5.x User Manual

  1. What’s in the Box (v5+)

Before we set up the system, let’s have a look at its components in your model.

Package Contents:

  • Controller
  • Modular Electromagnet
  • Power supply 100 – 240 volt AC to 12 volt DC
  • International pin adapter for your shipping location
  • Padded carrying case

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 0.5 – 14.1 Hz;
  • Wave Form: Pulsed DC Square Wave, 50% duty cycle
  • Amplitude: 100% Amplitude = 950 Gauss peak and 650 Gauss across the square wave at the surface of the sleep magnet core
  • 1100 Gauss with Cross-Polarizing Ring (Outer Ring) attachment for the electromagnet
  • Program Modes: 10 Program Mode


  1. Program Modes

The v5 and v5Pro have 10 Program modes.

Device boots to 70% amplitude (roughly v.4.6 amplitude); adjust amplitude up / down using arrow buttons during runtime.

We describe the PEMF / Brain Wave Frequency each Program Mode starts with, how it changes over the course of the program and it’s potential use. Refer to the Brain Wave Rhythm Tutorial section to know more about them (Alpha, Delta, Theta, Low Delta).

Programs are algorithmic, running the entire program set for 1 hour or 12 hours.

The timer is set for 8 hours for Examples below.


The Sleep Modes are designed to enable the user to entrain their brain and correct the circadian rhythm while at the same time get deep synergistic cellular healing. They work especially well to reduce nighttime toilet trips when electromagnets are placed below mattress under the pelvis.


Starts at the same PEMF Frequency as RECOVER-MODE (ALPHA – 9.6 Hz); at 15 minutes falls quickly to 3 Hz Delta and cycles in Delta between 3 Hz and 1 Hz three more times until waking up phase during last 30 minutes of programming. 1-hour buffer runs at 14.1 Hz upon completion of the timer to avoid sleeping through the wake-up phase.


Starts at RECOVER-MODE (ALPHA – 9.6 Hz); after 15 minutes it steps down slowly through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling between 1 Hz and 5 Hz 3 more times during the night; with WAKE UP function (RECOVER then ALERT low-BETA rhythm) with new 1 Hr buffer of 14.1 Hz prior to shutting down.


Starts at RECOVER -MODE, steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling between 1 and 3 Hz 3 more times during the night; with WAKE- UP phase (RECOVER then ALERT / low-BETA) prior to 1 Hr 14.1 Hz buffer & shut down.


Starts at DELTA (3 Hz), cycles to 1 Hz total of 4 times during the night; w/WAKE-UP phase (THETA, RECOVER, ALERT then 14.1 Hz buffer) prior to shutting down. Use SLEEP 3 as fall-back setting after waking or and not falling asleep in SLEEP 1 OR RECOVER.


Starts and stays at 1 Hz (DELTA), shifts to 14.1 Hz for 1 hour at the end of the timer. Start with SLEEP 4 only if your sleep is still terrible in SLEEP-3. Use SLEEP 4 as fall-back setting when waking and not falling back to sleep in SLEEPEASY, SLEEP-2 or SLEEP 3.


The Manual Mode Program is capable of delivering the entire range of beneficial PEMF – 0.5 Hz – 14.1 Hz for up to 12 hours.

With the Manual Mode Program, you are free to experiment sleeping /recovering/meditating with any one particular frequency.

It may be one of the Schumann peaks at 1.5 Hz (1.2 Hz?) or 2.5 Hz (2.4 Hz?) or 7.8 Hz, or 9.6 Hz or 10 Hz (or any choice in between .5 and 14.1 Hz). At the end of the set timer, the frequency shifts to 14.1 Hz to help awaken. The 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer effectively becomes the wake up a part of the program.

For feeling ALERT use 12 – 14.1 Hz. 12 Hz also has some strange harmonic resonance, so be sure to try it, rather than just go for the fastest setting out of
the gate.

The author finds 2.4 Hz, 4.8 Hz and 9.6 Hz particularly good at recovering during the night and rarely ends up sleeping a full 8 hours without waking on his own long before the timer runs to wake up phase. See our article – Why 9.6 Hz and its amazing harmonic relationship to healing tones, sacred geometry and terrestrial measurements


RECOVER Mode makes an excellent sleep program if sleep is not too bad to begin with especially if you are an athlete. If you did not attain sleep during initial session use SLEEPEASY or SLEEP-3 and intermittently use RECOVER during power naps to try to acclimate brain to it. The goal is sleeping in either RECOVER-Mode or 9.6 Hz every night, though many will never attain this.


(LOW-BETA) reduces physical and mental fatigue; use for recovery issues without causing drowsiness; used at end of RECOVER and SLEEP modes to assist in wake-up; may be used at the desk to reduce neck and shoulder fatigue without causing drowsiness.


2 Entrainment modes to help get accustomed to PEMF fields. Entrainment programs (ENTRAIN UP & DOWN) were designed to hit each frequency in the device’ range in 30 minutes to an hour. The timer is limited to one hour.

ENTRAINMENT-UP and ENTRAINMENT-DOWN DO NOT have the 1 hour 14.1 Hz ‘buffer’. ENTRAIN-UP ends at 14.1 and shuts down. ENTRAIN-DOWN shuts down when reaching 1 Hz.

One may use either the weak AIR-CORE or more powerful SLEEP CONFIGURED MAGNET (once acclimated) with core screwed tightly into the base for maximum amplitude. Generally no Dual-Polarity Ring near the head. Dual polarity ring near head gives the inventor a headache. You can experiment for yourself to determine.


Begins at 9.6 Hz then steadily slows to 1 Hz, pausing on 7.8 Hz (largest Schumann peak) and 2.5 Hz & 1.5 Hz (peaks in Schumann though not recognized by scientists as Schumann peaks…HUH?) You will notice by these Schumann charts immediately below that all these frequencies are indeed part of the Schumann spectrum and the 1.5 & 2.5 Hz peaks are higher than 14.1 Hz that IS a “recognized” Schumann peak.

Once dropping to 1 Hz the program begins to climb back up, pausing on Schumann peaks 1.5 Hz, 2.5 Hz, 7.8 Hz, 9.6 Hz and shuts off when reaching 14.1 Hz. It is designed for power napping and neurological issues not responding to Recover.

This program was designed for use where RECOVER-MODE direct to base of the skull is not producing the desired effect. One should note any particular speed (of the blinking diode) representing the output pulse repetition rate during ENTRAIN-MODE that produces a beneficial effect more so than others; then use MANUAL-MODE to target that frequency in subsequent sessions to achieve the desired effect.



PEMF Frequency shifts from Alpha to low-Delta, use it as a replacement using SLEEP-MODE programs; puts you to sleep then shuts down and lets you sleep on your own.

It runs for 1-hour beginning at 9.6 Hz and shuts off when reaching 1 Hz. Like ENTRAIN-UP it pauses on known Schuman resonance peaks 7.8 Hz, 2.5 Hz &
1.5 Hz on its way to 1 Hz.

2.1 Setting Up The System (v5 & v5Pro)

  1. Plug the POWER-SUPPLY into a wall outlet (100 – 240 volts AC / 50 or 60 Hz). Use international pin adapter if required. Please don’t use power strips.
  2. Plug the power supply cable into the large jack on the back of the control unit.
  3. Firmly plug electromagnet(s) into remaining jack(s). Please familiarize yourself now with electromagnet schematic diagram so there is no confusion about modular electromagnet parts, removing cross-polarity-ring, or removing core & base-plate.
  4. Remove Electromagnet CROSS-POLARIZING ring so your magnet(s) look like the Sleep configured magnet in the next section with cross polarity-ring removed.
  5. Press ON/OFF button; CONTROLLER boots to RECOVER Mode
  6. Press UP/DOWN arrow buttons to scroll programs; find RECOVER again and press SELECT; LCD then displays TIME-REMAINING 8:00 (hours)
  7. UP/DOWN arrows adjust TIME setting in 15 minute increments; Set time now for any setting. Press START/SELECT and blue diode blink in time with magnetic pulse. The controller is now active at 70% amplitude
  8. UP/DOWN arrows adjust AMPLITUDE in 10% increments (only while the signal is active and blue diode is blinking);
  9. Test electromagnet output as shown in the next section.
  1. Testing Electromagnets

Test the electromagnet(s) to ensure that the magnetic field is being produced by them. If you have a dual magnet system, test both your electromagnets.

  1. Switch on the system and start a program. With blue-diode blinking; lay the fatter rounded side of the ring across the center of the solid electromagnet core (as shown in the photo below);
  2. Raise ring 1/4-1/2 inch (1-2 cm) above core to feel pulsing signal;
  3. Move to 3/4 inch or 2-3 cm above the core and it is very weak if not relatively unnoticeable;
  4. Use UP/DOWN arrow keys while active and hold the ring at 1/4 inch (1MM)
    position to feel amplitude change.

Remember, you must have the EDGE of the ring suspended 1/4-1/2 inch (1-2m) above the centre of the core as pictured to be able to feel the pulse. If no pulse is felt, unplug the magnet and re-plug firmly. Make sure to spin the jack while inserting into the plug.

Electromagnet Heat

At 100% amplitude, coils reach 117 F (47 C) at 10-hours run-time under feather pillow in Alert-Mode (maximum pulse rate). If this completely safe level of heat makes you uneasy, operate at lower amplitude when the magnet is trapped in bedding. While it may feel hot to touch on the palm side of the hand, it should feel a bit more than warm to the back of the hand. At boot amplitude (70%) there is little to no heat depending upon the type of bedding and ambient temperature. We believe that the coil at 117ºF is perfect heat for long-duration local use, and works synergistically with our PEMF.

  1. Initial 1-3 Hour Session (v5+ & v5Pro)

You will choose your first nighttime use frequency based upon this initial acclimation session; PLEASE DO NOT SKIP IT!

Connect a single magnet for your initial session.

  1. Remove all metal parts from the electromagnet – AIR-CORE configuration
  2. Place AIR-CORE electromagnet with embossed “N”’s facing up on top of mattress under a thin pillow.

  1. If you have a double magnet system, place second Sleep-Configured electromagnet (outer ring removed) on top of mattress under the base of the spine (pad with a folded towel if necessary for comfort); make sure outer ring is removed.
  2.  Power on the device, choose Manual Mode by using the UP/DOWN arrow buttons.
  3. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to set the timer anywhere between 1 – 3 hours.
  4. Then press the SELECT/START button. The display shows 9.6 Hz; press the SELECT/ENTER button to start run-time. The Blue diode starts
    blinking and the count-down timer is activated. The device will automatically stop when the timer is exhausted.
  5. Once the program is running with head on a pillow, adjust amplitude up / down for comfort.
  6. Close your eyes and enjoy your first session. Switch off the lights or use eye covers to improve the experience.

This session determines if Manual Mode at 9.6 Hz will provide sleep or not. If NOT, begin nighttime use with SLEEPEASY OR SLEEP-3.

After your session, a quick look in the mirror should reveal a flushed face and perhaps dilated pupils. Vision and facial skin-tone return to normal in 10 minutes or so.

If you have a neurological disease you should do some basic before/after tests like handwriting sample, let family member watch/ videotape you walking, getting in/out of your favorite chair, walking backwards, turning around, and making familial circles with fingers. You will want to repeat this initial session with more and more amplitude (adding core and base) every day until you plateau your performance. Wait 20 minutes after completion of an initial session to retest mobility & finger dexterity.

If one is very physically / mentally weak, this initial session should be 3 hours long and changes in mobility and finger/hand dexterity should be measured before & after 20 minutes cooling off period. Similarly, sports-testing should give 20 minutes cooling off period.

Effects of your “head-centric” initial session should be increased focus, better balance and coordination, better hand-eye-motor synchronization. Others might call it a “grounding” effect. As capillaries dilate some will hear their heart beating, or feel the blood coursing through their veins.


4.1 Choosing Program Mode for Regular Use

Choice of sleep mode for nighttime use is based upon whether or not you lost consciousness during the initial MANUAL MODE session. This is why IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU DO THE INITIAL SESSION.

Effects of your initial ‘head-centric” MANUAL MODE session @ 9.6 Hz should be increased focus, better balance and coordination, better hand-eye-motor synchronization. Others might call it a “grounding” effect. As capillaries dilate some will hear their heart beating, or feel the blood coursing through their veins.

If you lose track of time or have lucid dreams during MANUAL MODE session @ 9.6 Hz, you should give the same mode a try at night and then SLEEP 3 MODE as fall-back setting if you can’t fall asleep, or if waking during the night.

SLEEP 3 MODE boots to 3 Hz and thus is better as a fallback program.

Usually, 3 to 7 days of Sleep 3 or Sleep EZ mode is the best way to get acclimatized and start sleeping better. Once you are sleeping well in Sleep 3 or Sleep EZ, then switch to Manual mode @ 9.6Hz. Step down to Sleep 1 if you wake up in the middle of the night.

If you experienced no sleep / lucid dreaming during initial session choose SLEEPEASY or SLEEP 3 MODE as your first nighttime program. If you sleep worse than normal please refer to the section on AGITATION in Troubleshooting Section. If you experienced some sleep or lost-time, then try RECOVER MODE the first night, using SLEEP 3 MODE as your fall-back setting.

RBH Test done?

PLEASE DO YOUR INITIAL RBH test (refer Getting Started section) PRIOR TO YOUR INITIAL SESSION as the brain is known to consume large amounts of oxygen, so you will be able to take this simple test and measure your progress.



5. Electromagnet Configurations

An EarthPulse Electromagnet has 3 main configurations. Each config serves a purpose such as focus the magnetic field or reduces it’s amplitude.

Metal magnet housing parts are made from a special hard, very high ferrous steel for maximum coil energy amplification. The hard steel accumulates magnetism over time and the electromagnets become static magnets while not powered.  The only part of the South polarized metal parts (shown in red at left) that pulses effectively becomes the outer ring at the treatment surface.

One important thing to note about the Cross-Polarizing ring; only use the cross polarizing ring when using for local application and where all
damaged tissue fits inside the diameter of the ring. It would be best not to use that configuration above the base of the skull. In other words, the cross polarity ring is OK for the neck issue (if it fits inside the diameter of the ring), but it’s not ok for your headache.

The centre core and top 1/2 of the magnet are all North pole field. The sides of the cross-polarizing ring and the base-plate are static South-pole field at about 100 Gauss. Addition of Cross-Polarizing Ring boosts North-Pole field at core surface 100+ Gauss.

Ring edge pulses South-pole field into the healthy tissue surrounding damage ones, polarizing healthy tissue and fluids to South-Pole, while North-Pole of electromagnet polarizes damaged tissue to North using a relatively strong 1100 Gauss North Polarity pulsed-field; thereby helping to speed exchange of fluids (inflammation process) in and out of the area due to the influence of magnetic attractive forces. A magnetic “pump” so-to-speak. The extra North-pole power seems to help too.

You’ll notice the base plate extends up to the N – S equator line of the coil. This traps nearly all pulsing south field, and by induction, that entire base-plate becomes a south static field. About the only thing knew that shields a pulsing field at these frequencies is ferrous sheet-metal. It “traps” the magnet field. The EP goes through Faraday materials that normally stop cell phone signals cold.

Once again, only use the Cross-Polarizing Ring when applied locally, where all tissue that “hurts” fits inside of the diameter of the ring, and try and keep the application of it below the base of the skull. In other words, you can use cross-polarity for your stiff neck, but not your headache. It works best if secured in perfect position.


6. Electromagnet Placement during Sleep

Orient magnet coil “N”s directed up toward body under torso; or under affected body part from under the mattress. No cross polarity ring.

Where to place this

Place the electromagnet under the mattress below the head or under torso, if you feel drowsy with it under the head.

Do not use this configuration directly under the pillow.



7. Electromagnet Placement for Localized Healing

There are 2 configurations to be used for Localized Healing.

24 / 7 use yields surprisingly good results on critical injuries. This is in contrary to what R.O. Becker determined as 8 hours -ON- 8 hours -OFF- as the most effective cycle. Be sure to read Spontaneous Tissue Regeneration Research to get an idea of what to expect.

With Cross Polarity Ring Removed Sleep configured electromagnet, the effect is less stronger locally than the second configuration with Cross Polarity Ring in place.

On Top of Mattress; Sleep Configured For Localized Healing

When magnet on top of mattress; lay with body part adjacent to the coil or tape to side of pillow so it is facing toward the body part horizontally from side or
purchase foam topper so body part is hovering 1-2 inches above the magnet; or lie on top of coil directly; or use Ace® type elastic bandage to fix the coil in place (far better) where elbows, knees, shoulder, feet, hip is concerned. Run magnet cable out the side of bed/covers placing controller on the floor beside the bed.

Use your favourite sleep frequency setting or manual setting of 9.6 Hz or lower harmonic of it. Normally when severely injured or sick, 9.6 Hz will provide several short 2-3 hour sessions of sleep throughout the day/night or switch to slower frequency during nighttime.

If lying next to or on top of magnet, place magnet under the bottom sheet so it stays oriented “N’s” facing toward body and doesn’t flip over during the night. It will get HOT at 100% amplitude under bedding close to the body to use a cotton sock to cover magnet if you find it uncomfortable.


On Top of Mattress; Cross Polarity Ring Configured for Localized Healing

Cross-Polarity-Ring is designed to be used only when damaged tissue fits inside of the diameter of the ring. Positioning should be kept very stable when ring in use. An ace-type elastic bandage can fix into place and will also trap heat for a synergistic effect.

Wrap damaged area with one layer of elastic bandage for padding then wraps the remainder of bandage in many layers over top of magnet to keep in place and trap heat. Set in a favourite sleep setting. Set amplitude to 100% to achieve maximum heat and maximum magnetic field. If heat is too much to handle reduce

Bone Break / Tendon Tear

Fix to Cast/fixation device with CROSS-POLARITY-RING ON so that centre core is ‘aimed’ directly into the injury. South-Pole will radiate in a fairly large perimeter around the North-Pole field when raised above the tissue an inch or two (due to the fixation device). Think of holding flashlight/torch very close to an object then pulling the flashlight back further away from the object. The further away you get from the target, the larger the circle of illumination. Same with the North Pole centre polarity and the South- Pole circle encapsulating it.

At one inch above the injury site, the diameter of the North Pole field will be approximately 1.5 diameters wider than the coil itself. It gets wider and wider
the further away from the target tissue. Do not use the DUAL-POLARITY ring for under-mattress use or above the neck for longer than an hour or two at a time. Used properly, you can hope for effects like those reported in Spontaneous Tissue Regeneration study.