Electric Field Potential Therapy

Electricity is not a recent discovery. Even before the discovery of electricity by Benjamin Franklin in the 17th century, the Greeks already discovered static electricity in 600 B.C., 2,600 years ago! Over the last few centuries, we have started to understand better about the characteristics of electricity like its positive or negative charge, voltage, current, etc. and is able to manipulate the transitions, from as small as micro-current to large power plants that store, transfer and generates megawatts of electricity.

Electricity powers our modern society and is one of the main catalysts in the unprecedented different advancement for the last century. Almost all our modern equipment like mobile phones, computers, public infrastructures are driven by electricity, regardless of the power source (i.e. diesel, hydro, solar, battery etc.). We might think electricity is man-made. However, like most of the power source, electricity is a natural phenomenon that occurs naturally. It is simply an energy form that can be either in a static or moving state. Moving electron creates a magnetic field and magnetic field produces electricity. Electric and magnetic fields are intertwined tightly with all living things – including us.

The advancement of technology and understanding of electricity has further human to experiment and apply low-intensity electricity in various forms for medical treatment and home wellness purposes. From low-risk home use devices like TENS for pain-relief to life-saving devices such as AED ( automated external defibrillator), we have found many health applications of electricity. In general, we categorize all such electric treatments as electro-therapy.


Our Electric Body

Our living body generates (micro) electricity and hence, magnetic field. It generates minute electric current through the various interaction of biochemical from our fuel (food, air, water). The neurons in our brains are firing millions of electrical charge to communicate to different part of our body every seconds. Our heart is our electrical powerhouse of our body and generates the electrical field of all the organs. All these electrical signals can be picked up by sensitive sensors like EEG (reading brainwaves) and ECG (reading heart pulses). From electrical energy perspective, we are not so much different from a human droid. The moment our body cease to produce electricity, we are technically a non-living thing (dead).

Each of our 70-90 trillion cells in our body is always in a potential difference state. A healthy cell usually is in the range of negative 30-70mV charged, and this needs to be maintained for our body to be in a homeostasis state. For thousands of years, various civilisations have discovered ways to maintain such balance, either via physical exercise, diet, or a different form of mind-body training. Our body cellular potential and electric condition can be influenced with the presence of electrical charge or magnetic field. With the right amount of electrical charge, this can be an effective way to promotes our body electric charge needed for healthy body. Similarly, the presence of a magnetic field and vibrational frequencies can influence the state of our body functions. Find out more about Pulsed Electro-Magnetic field (PEMF) here.

Electric-Field (Potential) Therapy

Electric-field (or Potential) therapy is one type of complementary electro-therapy that utilizes (super) low current and high voltage to generate a static electric (negatively charged) field around our body, which indirectly induces micro-current and electrons inside our body via direct contact.

It can present itself in either direct (DC) or alternative current (AC) mode. With direct current, it will generate a single directional negative voltage (electrons), which generally known as negative potential or negative ions therapy. Alternative current models usually offer more variant of treatment options and configurations. For instance, it can use pure alternative current to stimulate our body cells with a high voltage potential. It can also be designed to create a negative potential at a different level of concentration (benefits of negative ions/electrons) to our body.  Check out Dr Wasei and Oii-Energy potential therapy devices here, both are based on the same medical-grade technology and quality designed for the Japanese market by the same manufacturer.



Some common applications of electric-field therapy include

  • increase vitality & circulation
  • supply body with more electrons (anti-oxidant effects)
  • calming and relaxation effect (negative ions effect)
  • promote body self-healing and recovery
  • stimulation of acupoint to achieve the desired result