Embracing 5G technology with PEMF

The incoming of 5G network has re-ignite the wave of health concerns by professional and public alike on the impact of the millimetre wave typically defined between 30Ghz and 100Ghz spectrum, up from our current 4G and WIFI infrastructure that usually runs below 8Ghz. Singapore is one of the densest cities in the world, with high-rise building at almost any line of sight within 100 meters.  95% residents here simply have no meant to escape the 5G coverage, unless you are the privileged few that afford hectare of lands of your own and you get to decide if the telco can plant a 5G station at your property. Similar may said to many cities dwellers around the world. You can’t run and hide from 5G eventually, just like the 4G network we have today.

So, before the official verdict is out on if 5G will be harmful (you may never hear this in your lifetime though), consider carcinogenic or even to get relevant authority to declare if it may potentially impact your well-being, all you can do is to minimize your exposure and adopt appropriate preventive measures.  Again we are not in the position here to say if 5G will be harmful to you, or more harmful to you than the existing 4G. The higher frequency bandwidth definitely sounds a lot scarier as compared to say, 2.4Ghz. It’s 10 times more at 24Ghz! However, life has to go on. You will be in cave age if you are not carrying a smartphone with a mobile data plan these days.

Following are some suggestions to help you wave through these “concerns”…

1. Identify the source and pollution spot(s). 

Although radio frequency cannot be seen or felt, it is measurable and detectable by using a proper measuring device. Just like your mobile phone is able to pick up the information from the air. You can purchase a decent radio frequency (RF) detector – to identify the hot spot. Do take note on the frequency range the RF detector can pick-up. Minimally get a unit that can pick-up up to 8Ghz range. Check out some of the popular and affordable RF detectors from EMF protection specialists like Choizya or popular online test meters store GMM Technoworld in Singapore.


2. Minimize Bluetooth/Wifi/4G/5G mobile use

Find ways to use a speaker or wired headphone when communicating with your mobile phone. The Bluetooth earpiece is going to stay due to its true wireless convenience. Practically speaking, using Bluetooth earpiece is still better than speaking with your mobile phone next to your ear. Stop wearing the Bluetooth earpiece when it’s not in use. It does look cool to wear it all the time, but it is not worth the potential risk. The principle is to minimize the exposure unnecessary, especially when they are under your control.


3. Minimize exposure to high power wireless radiation source.

Shut down your WiFi router before going to bed. You are not only doing this for yourself but also doing a favour to your neighbours. Put your mobile phone as far away as possible from your bed. Turn off data network – you are not going to use WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or E-mail in your dream. People can still reach you in an emergency case. Make sure you don’t sit or sleep near another unknown radiation source. For instance, if

your bed is against the wall, you want to make sure your head is not close to an RF source from the other room or your neighbour’s house. Get an RF detector to detect any radiation within a 1m radius. If there is no other position you can work on, consider getting an EMF shield solution.

 4. Fight artificial (bad) EMF with natural (good) EMF.

The best defence, however, is still yourself. Build up your body’s own buffer (defence) with pulsing EMF (PEMF) technology. This can help you strengthen your own body’s natural frequencies to weather off any potential effect from EMF Smog. Not all Electro-magnetic fields are bad. Just like there are good and bad bacteria in our body. Take visible light from Sun for example – it is part of the electromagnetic field spectrum, and it’s essential to promote lives on earth. And the Earth is generating a low magnetic field (around 45-70μT) at an extremely low frequency (ELF) (between 7.83 – 33.8 Hz range). This ELF range is generally considered as the good EMF – that has a positive effect on our cellular’s health and body functions. Before the invention of electricity and wireless communication technology, all living things on earth are fully exposed to this natural EMF, and organisms have grown to adapt and function optimally under these natural geological fields. However, for the last one hundred year, artificial wireless is everywhere, and this has invaded and overpowered the presence of natural EMF in our living environment. Our body is receiving less and less such natural EMF and overtime, actually, we are depriving of it. This is where we need to start finding means to supplement the deprivation.

Natural EMF Supplement – PEMF

Consider PEMF as a supplement. There are already thousands of studies conducted on the effect of A clinical study conducted in San Paulo, 2011 demonstrated Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) can help neutralize effect from 2.45Ghz microwave exposure in the experiment.

Read the full article here: The therapeutic effect of a pulsed electromagnetic field on the reproductive patterns of male Wistar rats exposed to a 2.45-GHz microwave field, 2011

Although scientists today are still working hard to understand better about the application of PEMF to our body, we already know that low-intensity ELF PEMF is safe. It’s replicating natural frequencies and intensities, and hundreds of studies already demonstrated it has a multitude of effects from blood circulation, tissues and nerves repair, bone healing, pain-relief to promoting self-healing. Refer to some of the more recent scientific studies on PEMF here https://pemf.sg/recent-studies/