Far Infrared Foot Warmer

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners believe that most illnesses originated from a cold body, and the cold usually starts from the feet “百病从寒起,寒从脚下生”. Our feet have a large surface area and lots of blood vessels and are vital in regulating our body temperature. Cold feet, cold hands are not just symptom of sub-health and poor blood circulation, but if not treated timely, it will lead to many other more serious chronic illnesses.


Far Infrared (FIR)

Far infrared (FIR) is considered by many health practitioners as the source of life. A small spectrum of far infrared rays (between 6-15μm) consist of similar wavelengths to what is emitted naturally by the human body – this is commonly known as resonance frequency. Therefore FIR energy can easily be absorbed by our body, increase our body temperature from the inside out. Many studies and empirical evidence have shown that FIR can help promote blood circulation, enhance immunity & metabolism (with increased body temperature),  promote cell regeneration and pain relief. FIR is a low intensity, safe and effective solution to provide the natural warmth (like the warmth from sunlight) to your body.


Natural Marble Far Infrared Foot Warmer

Far Infrared Foot warmer brings FIR health benefits to you in a slim, portable, and elegant package. Layered with natural marble, it offers three heat settings of up to a maximum of 60°c, and auto cut-off after 8 hours if left unattended, with heat protection circuit based on NTC thermistor. Unlike other types of warmer that consumes lots of electricity, FIR Foot warmer consumes just 0.32kW/hour, or 7.7 cents per hour (based on SP Q4 2018 tariff).

The FIR foot warmer is based on the same technology used in FIR home heating, designed and manufactured by MENRED Group based in both Europe and China (http://www.menred.eu) who specialized in the underfloor heating system, ventilation, intelligent building and related technologies.


FW391 is an effective, affordable, slim (less than 2cm), lightweight (2.5kg) FIR warmer which you can use not only for your feet but also your middle or lower part of your body (i.e. back, thigh, etc.) to help improve blood circulation.  Excellent companion for both office and home use, and heartwarming gift for friends and relatives.