Diabetic Socks


+MD diabetic socks are scientifically designed and knitted with a non-constricting fit, so they stretch up to 20% further than other diabetic brands. Due to our proprietary knitting  capabilities, our socks allow free circulation without sagging or falling down. +MD Diabetic socks are additionally treated to help keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable. The moisture wicking properties and anti-microbial treatment help reduce odours and discomfort. Our diabetic socks features special comfort smooth yarns, cushion soles and flat seam construction.  The low friction design reduces the chances of blisters and abrasions, which can cause more serious foot problems.

Diabetic Socks Key Features:

Diabetic Socks Features

• Non-constricting fit
• Moisture-wicking
• Anti-microbial treated
• Soft protective terry loops provide comfort
• Low-friction toe-closure reduces abrasions


92% Polyester, 7% Nylon, 1% Spandex


Lab report on anti-microbial effectiveness

Test reports by GreenChem, Technology and Laboratory Services, Taiwan on effectiveness and durability of anti-microbial of diabetic socks, before and after 20 x repeated washes. (Ref: Report No. D9904133, date 29-04-2010)

Greenchem - diabetic extract

Similar lab test conducted by Intertek on bacterial reduction effectiveness in June 2010 (Ref: Report No. SHF101A1279)



Advice on choice of color:

While many prefers darker color socks over brighter color, we recommend white or brighter colors socks as that allows easy detection of any injuries or cuts during wear.


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