Power Nap

Benefits of Power Nap

Do you need to recharge your brain during your workday? Research shows that a 15-40 minutes Power Nap during the day has brain-boosting benefits, and it is even better than taking a coffee break. However not all workplace is conducive for power-nap, and at times, this may even create a bad impression of you and affect your perceived performance. While caffeinated drinks like coffee, energy drinks can help to boost up your alertness, this is not a recommended long-term solutions.

Power Nap with brainwave entrainment

Brainwave entrainment using Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) and cranial-electro stimulation (CES) has long demonstrated its effectiveness in boosting and regulating one’s mental alertness and state. It has been used in improving relaxation, focus & attention, insomnia, pain, mood issues like anxiety and depression, etc..

Power Nap with MindAlive

MindAlive DAVID Brainwave Entrainment System

MindAlive DAVID Delight is a portable handheld device which utilizes a cutting edge, non-invasive, drug-free approach to mental alertness. The system integrates the principles of audio.Visual brainwave stimulation to help you achieve peak mental performance, improve memory, reduce stress, get a better sleep (and the need for a longer power nap during daytime), increase energy level, and even combat the blues.

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