iMRS PRIME PEMF system is the latest edition of the Swiss Bionic’s flag-ship iMRS series, replacing the existing iMRS (or iMRS 2000) model. It carries on the iMRS tradition, with all it’s proven and much loved iMRS unique technologies like triple sawtooth, organ clocks programs, HRV bio-feedback and audio-visual brainwave entrainment technologies. In addition to these, there are many new features introduced 1st time in the flag-ship iMRS model.

What’s New in iMRS Prime

  • Completely redesigned hardware platform with a touch screen panel and new purposed built and customized operating platform.
  • Hybrid Integrated FIR and PEMF full-body Mat. Now you can enjoy both the far-infrared (FIR) and PEMF at the same time.
  • Upgraded Brainwave Entrainment system, both hardware and software
  • Quickstart programs with new Solfeggio Scale 9 frequencies
  • Split mode operation, where the same system can operate 2 standalone sessions and controlling 2 separate applicators at the same time
  • Trial software tool. A powerful research tools that allow trained professional to set their own frequency, waveform, intensity, duration and pulsation characteristics.
  • Enhanced bio-feedback display with SPO2, Oxygen concentration level, and ability to save heart rate variable sessions for export to 3rd party HRV software tool for further analysis.

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