IonSpec Negative Ions Spectacle

Ionspec negative ions spec

IonSpec is an innovative solution for eye wellness. It works by incorporating far-infrared and negative ions emitting materials into the frame of the eyewear. Wearing the IonSpec can help to stimulate and improve circulation around the eyes and temple – this can help in relieving tired eyes and various eye conditions that were caused by strained eyes and poor circulation.

IonSpec Frame-only Basic Design

IonSpec Negative Ions Spec

2 in 1 model are the most popular IonSpec, designed to pair with your own prescription lens. There are various designs you can choose from based on your personal preference.

IonSpec Complete Frame with Lens

IonSpec Negative Ions Spec - complete with Anti UV/BL/EMI coating lens

This model is designed for those who are not wearing or require a prescription lens. In addition to the standard IonSpec frame, the model also comes with a non-prescriptive lens that is coated with blue-light filter, UV 400 and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) protection with EMI coating.

Ionspec Negative Ions Spectable

Depending on the model, some frame may have additional features like nano-silver coating for anti-bacterial effect.

Blue Light Filtering

Blue light, which is slightly below the Ultra Violet spectrum, also emitting much higher energy concentration as compared to other color spectrum.

UV400 Blocking Efficiency

Not all Ultra Violet blocking glasses are created equal. It’s important to purchase glass that can block out UV400 completely (up to 99%), instead of just partially – to avoid damages to your eyes by UV when you are exposed.

IonSpec Nano Technology

IonSpec nanotechnology offers a more lasting effect the Anion & Far-infrared emitting material as it is infused into the frame material, in addition to the paint coating. For the best effect, one should wear IonSpec spectacle for at least 8 hours daily and can observe some improvement to an existing condition in about 4-6 weeks time. Occasional uses of IonSpec can be helpful for more immediate relief of eye strains and discomfort.

How IonSpec Helps

Most people will experience some eye trouble at one time or another. Eyes can be tired, dry, bloodshot, infected or itchy to name a few conditions. Chronic Hypoxia (long term lack of oxygen) can contribute to many eye conditions. When oxygen and water supply to the eyeball is low, this slows down metabolism and detoxification process around the eyeball, resulting in accelerating eye ailments. Wearing IonSpec spectacle regularly can promote blood circulation, metabolism, and help improve eyes’ health.

Disclaimer: IonSpec eyewear is not a medical treatment device nor is designed to treat eye ailments. Always consult an ophthalmologist or optometrists for treatment options to your eyes ailment.