IonSpec – Protection Series

IonSpec Protection Series comes with coated lens that offers various eye protection benefits, both for indoor and outdoor, on top of the ionized benefits from the frame. Protection series are meant for those who do not need a prescription lens, or for casual wear. The most popular series is the 5-in-1 designs, where the lens comes with anti blue light, UV400, and anti Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) coatings, on top of the anions and far-infra-ray functions from the frame.

The effect of Blue-light on our eyes and body

Both the good and bad effect of blue-light on us are well studied and documented. Blue-light is part of the visible light spectrum, which sits at the shorter wavelength spectrum of the visible light – meaning it has more energy, and have a bigger impact on the human body, especially our delicate eyes. Similarly, Ultra-Violet light (non-visible) also sits at the further tail end, next to the blue light spectrum, which generates, even more energy as compared to visible light. Eye care specialists today strongly advise us to stay away from exposing our eyes to blue light and UV400 for too long.

Too much blue light exposure can cause digital eye-strain, increase the risk of macular degeneration, an eye condition that may lead to permanent vision loss. In view of our modern lifestyle and artificial lighting everywhere, an appropriate protection from overexposure to blue light (especially during night time) is strongly recommended.

UltraViolet Light (UV400) Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) is a most well known non-visible light spectrum from Sunlight that we all know need necessary protection from. Most sunglasses today are coated with UV protection. IonSpec 5-in-1 and all sunglass series are coated with UV400 protection. 5-in-1 series is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use as it’s not tinted dark like normal sunglasses.


ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) Protection

With the advent of electronics and digital devices, our eyes today are exposed to excessive amount of EMR directly from these digital screens. EMR coating serves as a direct filter of EMR that coming towards our eyes, minimize our eye’s exposure. However as EMR can penetrate skin and bones easily, there is no one device today can shield us completely from EMR. Instead, we all should be aware of the EMR of electronic devices or sources, and try to stay away from them, as far as possible.

IonSpec 5-in-1 Features (for Indoor/Outdoor)

  • From Frames – Anion (negative ions) and Far-Infra Ray
  • From Lens – Blue Light Filter, UV400, and anti-EMR

IonSpec 4-in-1 Features (for Outdoor/Sports)

  • From Frames – Anion (negative ions) and Far-Infra Ray
  • From Lens – Polarize, UV400


Blue-Light Protection UF01

IonSpec Special Blue-light protection model is designed to filter higher % of blue light, suitable for those work long-hours in-front of bright light conditions, both outdoor and indoor environment. The extra width it provides is suitable to use as over-the-glass cover. UF01 also comes with an ionized temple and UV400 protection. 4-in-1 features perfect for many occasions.