Quick Notes on choosing your Compression Socks

There are essential 3 types of fabrics under +MD compression family, namely Microfiber, Flat Knit, and Ribbed Cotton, going by the order of thin + smoothness to thick + cushion. +MD also offer Thermo material for its leggings and tights series (MD5201-3).
Compression socks comes in knee high (before knee), thigh high (up to thigh length) and tights/panty/leggings (up to waist), with knee high version as the most popular for its relative effectiveness, cost and ease of wearing. Thigh high is better suit for people with more sedentary lifestyle where you don’t need to move around a lot, unless they are equipped with anti-slip material at the cuff. 
The sock’s compression level is defined by the range (i.e. 8-15mmHg, 15-20mmHg). The higher the number the stronger is the compression pressure. 8-21 mmHg is classified under Class I category, which is safe for use without the need for prescription in general.