Diabetic Socks Benefits


Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder caused by an abnormally high blood sugar levels. The high glucose levels in the blood makes diabetics are more prone to leg and foot problems. In diabetes, there is usually very limited blood supply in the feet which deprives the muscles and skin with oxygen-rich blood and other nutrients to maintain their integrity. Remember that the skin in the feet of diabetics is very sensitive that even little pressure, seams, wrinkles can cause blisters and wounds. Compared to healthy people, diabetics have increased need to protect their legs from these risk factors to prevent other serious complications of feet problems like amputations. Diabetic socks benefits include special features for the diabetic feet like its stretchy and breathable fabric, seamless toes, anti-microbial agents, and moisture control. Diabetic socks along with its numerous benefits have been proven to be an inexpensive way to keep the legs and feet of diabetics healthy and safe.

 Diabetic Socks Benefits

  • Diabetic socks help improve blood circulation in the legs and feet. It is very common in diabetic patients to suffer from poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy due to the elevation in blood sugar levels. The poor blood supply can lead to poor wound healing and loss of sensation. With improved circulation, more blood and nutrients are delivered to the feet to keep it healthy.
  • The seamless design of diabetic socks help reduce the risk of developing blisters and sores. These specialized socks don’t have seams like ordinary socks that rub against the foot. Constant rubbing creates friction and over time, leads to wounds, blisters, and broken skin.
  • Wrinkle-proof diabetic socks reduce pressure on the feet. These specialized socks do not bunch up in some areas of the feet that can be very uncomfortable like ordinary socks.
  • Diabetic socks help lessen the chances for infection. Diabetic socks are usually made of breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic materials that keep moisture out. Moist places are breeding ground for bacterial and fungal growth, which should be strictly prevented for diabetic patients. The poor blood supply in diabetic’s feet can causes small wounds and cuts to run deep and not heal. These wounds can become gangrenous, affecting the inner layer of the skin to the muscles and spread from the feet up to the legs. In worse conditions, small wounds can lead to amputation. It is estimated that up to 70% of leg amputations occur in diabetic patients.
  • For diabetics with wounds and cuts in the feet, wearing diabetic socks helps them heal faster. By increasing blood supply and decreasing chances of contamination wounds can heal faster

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