DAVID Delight Brainwave Entrainment

DAVID Delight Brainwave Entrainment AVE

Welcome to the world of Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) by MindAlive. Through the use of patented DAVID Delight Brainwave Entrainment AVE devices, several areas of the brain are able to work together in harmony. The DAVID device provides you with the opportunity to experience your mind in an entirely new and beneficial manner. With the DAVID devices, you will be guided into states of relaxation, consciousness, attention and boosted brain performance that are safe and effective. This is ideal for those who are seeking to advance their personal development, boost their mood, and sharpen their minds.

The AVE technology is a non-invasive form of mental stimulation, and does not involve the passage of electrical current through the user. Audio-visual stimuli are solely responsible for producing the brain’s resulting effects. This is different from Cranio-electrostimulation (CES), which is a feature available on certain DAVID products. CES technology can pass a small amount of electricity through the user, but needs to be activated by pressing CES buttons located on our CES-capable DAVID devices. CES may be used in conjunction with AVE or by itself.

Effects of DAVID Delight Brainwave Entrainment AVE

Many users of the DAVID have reported experiencing:

  • Deep relaxation while feeling more energized
  • Visual images, colours and patterns
  • The sense of feeling “grounded” and calm
  • Increased mental clarity for resolving problems
  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • Cheerfulness
  • Mental sharpness

Many mental, emotional, and physical challenges that nearly all of us face at some point in our lives can benefit from this deep state of AVE-induced regeneration. Once the body and mind effects of experiencing AVE are fully appreciated, the experience gradually becomes as essential as quality sleep, healthy eating, pure water and exercise.


Brainwave entrainment is all about shaping brainwave frequencies. Activity in the brain is often measured by observing and recording “brainwaves” which are rhythmic or repetitive neural activity. Brainwaves can be observed through an Electroencephalography (EEG) which is a test that measures electrical brainwave activity along the scalp. Each of these frequencies has a different positive or negative effect depending on your current and desired level of arousal or alertness.

Brainwaves reflect their level and type of arousal. A person who is awake and engaged in a task should have low delta, theta, and alpha activity, revealing beta as the predominant wave. When a person relaxes, alpha levels increase rapidly. As a person becomes deeply relaxed, especially with their eyes closed, theta will become the dominant brainwave, and as they fall asleep, delta will become the dominant brainwave, with occasional short bursts of sensory-motor rhythm (SMR) in the sensorimotor strip to prevent sleepwalking.

Short Demonstration of the working of Audio-Visual Entrainment

Brainwaves have varying effects based on the situation. Consequently, any brainwave can either benefit or hinder the activity that a person is engaged in. Stress, an active lifestyle, and a diet that is less than optimal suppress relaxing brainwaves. The same is true when we are tired during the day, as the brainwaves necessary for mental performance are suppressed. A person’s ability to succeed at a given task will be adversely affected if their brain is operating at the wrong frequency for the given situation. The brain must be able to adapt to the various activities that one is engaging in.

Disclaimer: Please note that MindAlive devices are not medical devices intended for the treatment of specific medical conditions. Instead, they are designed to serve as a complementary solution for promoting general mental well-being.