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For thousands of years, we are in search of greater control of our body, mind and spirit to improve our well-being, both physically and spiritually. With the advent of science & technology, today we know that mental state and brainwaves (which can be measured using electroencephalogram EEG device) are inseparable. We also know that a mental state is crucial to the well-being of both psychological and physical body, and achieving the right mental state affects our present being. There are many ways one can reach the desired state. The most common approach is through the practice of meditation. External stimuli are also frequently used to achieve the same purpose like singing, listening to music, looking at beautiful scenery or picture can relax your mind and improve your mood and well-being.

Today scientific and clinical researches have shown as that our brains can be both “trained” & “entrained” to achieve the desired level of the state over time. EEG device is a measuring device that can be used to pick-up subtle brainwave signals and translate them into a quantitative measurement. Trained professionals can use such information for further study and understanding of one’s brainwave (hence mental) state. EEG can also use with various stimulation sources like games, video or audio for neurofeedback training to achieve a specific desired state. For instance, ADD/ADHD person can use EEG neurofeedback system to train their attention level. Meditation practitioners can use EEG neurofeedback system to achieve relaxation state.

Brainwave Entrainment

Besides using Neurofeedback training system, brainwave entrainment technology offers a more straightforward approach for the user. This approach essentially tries to use stimulant source (i.e. light wave, sound wave or magnetic wave) to entrain your brainwave. According to various entrainment studies, brainwave can get entrained in as short as 5 minutes after exposure to it. Today, audio (sound) & visual (light) entrainment system is widely used in learning, clinics and wellness centres as a non-medicated complementary option to help one to achieve the desired mental state. This can be used in the case of depression, insomnia, anxiety, hyperactive, etc.,

Another less know medium of entrainment is using a pulsed magnetic field. Unlike sound or light which need to target at specific receiving organs (i.e. eyes and ears) to be effective, the pulsed magnetic field can be placed anywhere, around the head area, and even under pillow or mattress as the magnetic field is highly penetrable. Because of such property, the pulsed magnetic field technology is commonly used to help sleep-related issues, as the users are not required to wear them during sleep.

External frequencies stimulants do not always have to come from a powered source. Our earth has abundant of natural frequencies that are beneficial to our body and mental health. All we need is the technique to harness the natural frequencies and channel it towards our body. Philip Steins watches and bracelets are engineered for such purposes.

MindShaper is where you can find many proven and popular solutions available today to achieve healthier and shaper minds – the non-medicated and non-invasive ways. Contact us for product demonstration and information.

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