Negative Ions

Today’s modern world is overstuffed with positive ions. They are absorbed into our bodies from UV rays, lighting, computers, electronic devices, mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices and air conditioning systems. Excessive levels of positive ions can upset our bodies’ electrical balance resulting in poor concentration, stress, tiredness, irritation, depression and other problems. Nature has an abundance of negative ions to counteract these effects from thunderstorm or waterfall. With urbanisation, it is difficult for us to frequently visit and experience natural negative ions from the natural environment. Then, what are the ways of having ourselves exposed to negative ions in our modern daily lives? With advanced technology, we now do not have to go through a thunderstorm or be near a waterfall to experience the benefits of negative ionisation. We bring the essence of nature closer to you.

Negative Ions Generators

Negative Ions are molecules that have gained an electron. Negative ions designed for air purification works by using high voltage to ionise air molecules, causing the molecules to be negatively charged and release them into the air. It is used generally to eliminate airborne particles, pathogens as they are attracted to the negatively charged molecules (anions) and get attracted to the nearby grounded surface. This offers the first line of defence to our health with cleaner air for breathing.

While the mechanism of negative ions generator is simple, not all generators are created the same. All negative ions generators will inadvertently have some level of ozone – triatomic oxygen O3, during the process. This gives off familiar photocopier smell if they are in sufficient quantity. At high concentration, Ozone can be potent to air-borne bacteria. However, it is also toxic to our health as it can have an adverse health effect if it exceeds the guideline.

Negative Ions for Health

Due to the nature of the negatively charged molecules (an extra electron or more), negative ions has more than just air purification to offer. When breathing in air with a higher concentration of negatively charged molecules, the extra electrons can help to neutralise free radicals in our body. Most negative ions generators in the market today are designed for general air cleaning, and usually is not powerful enough to fill the room with detectable anions concentration for health benefits, aside cleaner air. For instance, you likely won’t be able to detect any significant amount of anions when you are about 1-2m away from a  negative ions generator that generates 4 million ions per cubic cm, as most of these anions are already neutralised before reaching such a distance.

WEIN Vortex 3500 Industrial Strength Negative Ions Generator

The Vortex 3500 is the latest upgrade of the legacy industrial-strength negative ions generator by WEIN Products Inc, USA. It produces an unparallel concentration of negative ions (at 3.4 trillion ions per cubic cm per second) with its patented pulsed ionisation purifier technology. It is portable and can be placed anywhere, which can effectively deliver negative ions up to 800 square feet (or 75 square meters) of indoor air space. Find out more Vortex 3500

VION Negative Ions Therapy

The VION a totally different negative ions generator designed for health. It is certified to produce 4.5 billion ions per cubic meter or 4.5 million ions pcs/cc by JAIRA, Japan Association of Ion Research and Application airborne. The single emission outlet (3.5mm audio jack) is designed for direct discharge via skin contact, using the provided discharge patch. This will create a negative electrostatic environment to your body when your body is properly insulated, allowing maximum absorption of negative ions into your body for optimal health effect. Find out more VION Negative Ions Therapy