NeoRhythm uses Low-Medium Intensity (MI) magnetic fields. Accordingly, it is also called an MI rTMS wearable device. More specifically, NeoRhythm uses intensities that range from  .25 mT (2.5 Gauss) to 2.5 mT (25 Gauss), and has a frequency range from 3 to 303.41 Hz.

Neorhythm Brainwave Entrainment

NeoRhythm’s programs stimulate different areas of the human brain as well as various life functions, especially those affecting behavior. Accordingly, the brainwave speed range must differ as well; the Delta waves reach speed up to 4 Hz, the theta waves have a reach from 4 to 8 Hz, the Alpha waves from 8 to 14 Hz, the Beta waves from 14 to 38 Hz and the gamma waves from 38 to 42 Hz.

NeoRhytm Software

NeoRhythm device is primarily controlled using a mobile App running on either Android or iOS platform. The connectivity between the App and NeoRhythm is using Bluetooth. You have the option to disable the Bluetooth on NeoRhythm device during an active session. This will prevent any unwanted radio frequencies generated by Bluetooth. Once the program ends and the Bluetooth® connection is reestablished (automatically).

Neorhythm rTMS Mobile App

Gesture Control

NeoRhythm is gesture-controlled. No buttons. No cables. Bluetooth® is also not required, except for when you are changing or choosing a new program. This makes NeoRhythm one of the most user-friendly devices on the market. It is controlled by ”taps,” so for regular use of the same program, you don’t even need your smartphone. A smartphone
is only used for switching among different stimulation programs or changing the settings.

Neorhythm PEMF rTMS Gesture Controlled Operation