NeuroSky MindWave Mobile FAQ

Following listed some of the most commonly encountered questions, advice, tips on using NeuroSky MindWave Mobile headset and software

About the EEG Hardware

There are primarily three types of EEG headset by NeuroSky circulate in the market today 1. White color, RF version, 2. Black Color MindWave Mobile (Bluetooth 1st Gen) and 3. Black Color MindWave Mobile Plus (Bluetooth 2nd Gen). There are other 3rd party EEG headset manufacturer like MyndBand EEG Headset, etc. that utilize the same chipset manufactured by NeuroSky. Essentially most software designed for NeuroSky EEG chipset are compatible across different hardware platform, however, do always read about the made compatibility notes produced by a 3rd party, as some are using unique features or non-standard coding.

Regional Compatibility

As of 2017, NeuroSky only manufactures MindWave Mobile Plus (or MMW+), the latest model. The fundamental differences between the earlier bluetooth model is now it supports both 50/60Hz setting in the same hardware, instead of 2 version (50Hz and 60Hz) for different region. You can set the Hz using the training software provided during the initial setup.

Recommended Battery Type

The MindWave Mobile / Mobile + comes with only single EEG sensor, positioned at the left frontal side of your brain. The grounding sensor is a ear-clip to your left earlobe. The headset uses standard 1.5V AAA battery. While 1.2V rechargeable battery can be use, but it is not recommended, especially for the latest Mobile+ version as it’s relatively sensitive to the differences in the voltage, and may cause inconsistent connection issue.

About the Bundle

The basic unit of NeuroSky consists of Starter Kit, which includes 3 free software (Brainwave Visualizer, Tutorial and Speed Math software) plus the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Plus EEG headset. All the rest of bundles are essentially Starter Kit + (additional software bundle) to take advantage of special discounts offered with the bundle price. All these software can be purchased separately from the NeuorSky App Store or from the respective software vendors. If you are unsure, always get the starter kit. The Starter Kit is sufficient for general use.

About the Platform and Software

NeuroSky supports mobile platform on Android and iOS, and desktop version running on Windows and Mac OS. Refer to NeuroSky support page for the latest update on the platform support.

Aside Brainwave Visualizer software and thinkGear driver, all the application software are offered by 3rd party software developer. You can consider NeuroSky is positioning themselves like Intel, or Xbox, where they provide the hardware and development API, and the software comes from 3rd parties. There are hundreds of applications available today, most are registered and made available via NeuroSky app store However there are also many are offering directly from their channels.

Recommended software to try out

NeuroSky for Classroom training

NeuroSky has been in the forefront of educating the use of brainwave for various purpose, due to its relatively low cost as compared to many other EEG headsets available in the market. It’s comprehensive and matured developer’s SDK has also make it the de-facto choice in classroom training. Visit to find out more about the resources available.

Check out , an OpenSource software suite supporting school projects which help introduce students to robotics and brain-computer interfaces.


As with any bluetooth pairing, you can also have one active pairing at any one point in time. Hence if you paired the MindWave headset with multiple devices, sometimes you might encounter issues with unable to connect issues with the device you wish to use when other paired devices could have grabbed the connection before then. Either disable the bluetooth on non-active devices to ensure the MMW+ is not connected to other paired devices.

On Apple iOS platform, you do not need to go to bluetooth settings to pair the MMW+. The pairing is done directly by the application. You just need to ensure the bluetooth on the iOS device is turned on.