Oii-Energy Potential Therapy

Oii-Energy 9000 is the simplified version of the clinical grade Dr Wasei, designed primarily for home and small centre use. It uses the same Japanese technology and quality as Dr Wasei Potential Therapy system, but at a much more affordable price.

Key Features of Oii-Energy 9000

  • Compact design at just 30cm x 27cm x 23cm
  • Comes with dedicated port for High Potential, Negative Potential, Sleep Mode and Lead (total four ports)
  • Voltage range 3000-9000V
  • Up to 540 minutes (9 hours) for sleep.
  • 75% negative potential ratio. A positive: negative ratio of 1:3 is found to be most effective in delivering of negative ions via electric field technique.
  • Three waveforms mode, when used with Auto program, offers up to 9 permutations of voltage/waveforms, minimising body acclimatization of the stimulation

  • Durable fabric material make for lasting durability.

  • Come standard with Lead applicator – for localised stimulation and electrical discharge via the pain point (or acupoint).

  • Energy Pad – All Oii-Energy system comes standard with Energy Pad. This is a pad with the size of a palm. You can easily place it at any part of your body, without taking up large estate space.

Advantages of Oii-Energy

  • 2-years local warranty.
  • Offers high-potential, negative potential and lead stimulation in one package
  • Offers three modes of waveforms to maximise stimulation effect
  • Easy to use applicators:  mat, energy pad and lead.
  • Remote control with a built-in electrical tester

Contact us now for a free trial. A weekly rental/trial is available. Find out more at https://eastbaywellness.com.sg/rental