OMI MiniMat

OMI MiniMat (ActiveMagnet+)

OMI MiniMat is one of the most affordable low-intensity localised PEMF system for general health maintenance and optimisation, an excellent option for those who are new to the concept of frequencies and low-intensity PEMF systems. This is a single intensity level PEMF unit (approx. 220 μT) and comes with two automated programs and a manual program that allows you to adjust the frequency from 1 to 99Hz. A simple and practical design for portability and everyday’s use.

OMI MiniMate ActiveMagnet+ uses electromagnetic field inductive technology that is known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to energize your body effortlessly wirelessly. Similar to wireless charging concept, the emitted electromagnetic energy can stimulate your body to improves overall cellular potential. This in term will improve nutrients, oxygen, water and waste exchange for the cells. The combined varying pulsing (frequencies) and electromagnetic field effect is thousand times more potent as compared to static magnets used in many health products and can restore your cellular potential in its time in comparison.

OMI ActiveMagnet+ Advantages

  • Very affordable.
  • Easy to operate with 2 automated programs, 1-30 minutes.
  • Adjustable frequencies for different purposes (i.e., sleep, relaxation, concentration, etc.) ranging from 1-99Hz.
  • Affordable and portable. The entire system weighs less than a kg, and extremely compact. You can bring the unit for travel, office or home use. It is small in size (60cm x 40cm), and can quickly place it at the back of your chair, sofa or even bed.
  • You can use it together with your PETS. PETS’ bio-cellular mechanic works just like the human. To keep your pets healthy, they also need a good healthy dose of PEMF. Read more about Pet Wellness with PEMF

Suitable for:

  • Office and the workplace. Recharge your mind and body anytime during your work
  • Home Use
  • Pets and small animals like dogs, cats, etc.,
  • Travelling. Lightweight and easy to carry with your luggage
  • SPA, Massage, lounge area to improve energy restoration


  • Epilepsy, pregnant women and those with electronic implants like a pacemaker



  • Mat Size: 60cm x 40cm
  • Applicator Material: PU Leather, Polyfoam
  • Power Supply: DC Adapter 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • 2 Auto Programs, and Manual settings
  • Manual Settings available for
    • Sleep
    • Pain Relief
    • Brain Booster / Focus & Concentration
    • Meditation / Relaxation
    • Performance
    • And many others
  • Magnetic Field Intensity: approx. 220 μT
  • Effective Frequency Range – 1 to 99Hz
  • Waveform – Square wave
  • Effective Range – 1m Radius


1 Year Local warranty.

Price: SGD 699 (Nett, inclusive local delivery)

For a limited time, we are offering 30-days money back guarantee for OMI MiniMat and Full-body Mat. Terms and conditions apply