Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

PEMF for Home Wellness

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology is an innovative and non-invasive wellness approach that utilizes electromagnetic fields to improve overall well-being. This technology has gained popularity in recent years as a home wellness solution due to its potential benefits for relaxation, pain relief, and general health improvement.

PEMF devices generate electromagnetic pulses that create energy waves capable of penetrating deep into the body’s tissues. These pulses mimic the natural electromagnetic fields found in nature, which play crucial roles in various biological processes. By delivering these pulsating waves to targeted areas, PEMF technology aims to stimulate cellular activity and promote better circulation, ultimately supporting the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes.

PEMF - Earth's natural healing force.

Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Technology

1. Stronger Bones
2. Pain Relief
3. Better Sleep
4. More Energy
5. Improve (Blood) Circulation
6. Improved Immunity
7. Relaxation & Stress Reduction
8. Nerve and Tissue Regeneration

PEMF and Cellular Health

How does PEMF affect our cells biologically? Our body can be affected by PEMF in several ways, but we will focus on the cellular level here, which we believe to be the most significant. There are 70 trillion cells in our body, and each of these cells plays a critical role in maintaining our health. Despite their different functions, all cells share one characteristic – cellular membranes, which are encased by membranes composed of lipid bilayers embedded with proteins. It serves as a barrier between the movement of ions into and out of the cell as well as an insulator. It is almost universal for plasma membranes to have an electrical potential across them, with the inside usually being negative relative to the outside. There are two purposes for membrane potentials. The first feature is that it allows the cell to function as a battery, providing power for a variety of “molecular devices” embedded within the cell. Secondly, it is used for signal transmission within electrically excitable cells, such as neurons and muscle cells.

The cellular membrane must be healthy and in optimal condition for our body to function optimally. While our body is designed to maintain its optimal cellular potential throughout our lives, external and internal influences beyond our control often prevent us from achieving this. Cells can lose their optimal voltage due to illness, toxic environments, stress, and many other factors. As a result, the efficiency of our cells will start to decline. It slowly causes a cascade of reactions throughout our highly interconnected body functions, leading to a variety of chronic ailments (see image below of cellular voltage and impact).

Diagram extracted from PEMF: 5th Element of Health Book by Bryant Meyer

How PEMF Improve Cellular Health

Let’s start with how the PEMF signal initiates a chain of reaction in a cell prior to getting into how it restores membrane potential. It begins with the neuropeptide receptors on a cell’s surface.

1. Cell Membrane Neuropeptide Receptor Effect (& Messenger cAMP)

In cells, the membrane forms the outer boundary. Neuropeptide receptors, located within the dynamic surface of the cell membrane, are responsible for regulating how cells respond to stimuli. Each cell has over one million such receptors. The receptor can be activated by hormones, enzymes, or electromagnetic impulses. This, in turn, affects cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), a secondary messenger inside the cell. The main function of cAMP are:

  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Promotion of cell differentiation
  • mRNA and DNA synthesis

2. PEMF increases intake of Calcium (Ca++) ions

In the same way that cAMP acts as a second messenger inside the cell, calcium ions play a critical role in the functioning of the cell. Calcium ions enter a cell very rapidly when exposed to PEMF that is tuned to the appropriate biological frequencies and intensities. These fields improve the ability of calcium to act as a second messenger, bind with calmodulin-dependent protein kinase, and increase the number of mitochondria within the cells. This results in an increase in ATP and energy for physical activity and healing.


3. PEMF restores membrane potential

The cell’s plasma membrane needs to provide a stable environment for the proper functions of the biological processes inside the cell. This is achieved through the exchange of ions (Na+/K+) ions between internal and extracellular environment, through Sodium / Potassium Pump. To summarize the complex process, the cell needs sufficient energy to fuel the Ions pump (opening/closing of the ions channel) operation. Electromagnetic impulses signal neuropeptide receptors and instruct the cells to increase the synthesis of ATP via enzyme activation. This, in turn, increases the ions pump operation so to maintain the optimal level of cellular membrane potential for the healthy function of the cell.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF effect on Cellular Health

Unique Advantages of PEMF Technology

There are a variety of technologies and approaches that have been developed to address cellular health. PEMF technology has gained popularity around the world in the last decade as a means of improving cellular health, especially for the use of PEMFs in the home, mostly due to the unique properties it has.

  • PEMF uses inductive technology (think wireless charging). This product can be applied using cloth-on or contact-less methods. It can come in many forms depending on its application, and some are portable and powered by batteries.
  • PEMF (low intensity, low frequency) is very safe and has no known side effects. However there are some specific contraindications like electronic implants, epilepsy, pregnancy, etc.
  • The application time is short, usually between 10-15 minutes per session, especially when applying to the whole body. PEMF is inductive, which means it easily penetrates the entire body and stimulates all 70 trillion cells instantly. This is the only known energy delivery technology that offers such efficiency!

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