Pets Wellness

Over the last couple of decades, we have seen increasing attention to our pets’ well-being – from healthier and nutritious food, grooming, to health care. Long gone are the days where we keep pets for housekeeping purposes – to catch the mouse or to guard our house. They are becoming part of our life, a loyal companion that many are willing to spend a fortune and time to keep them happy and healthy. Nevertheless, despite our effort, many pets in our urban environments are suffering from modern lifestyle illnesses – mostly due to the sedentary lifestyle and the toxic environments they are living in today. How frequent you walk your dog and get them to roam around freely the neighbourhood? Are they confined to your house, apartment most of the time? Are they getting in touch with nature or been exposed to all the toxic wireless environment, processed food every day?

We are seeing more metabolism, auto-immune related ailments in PETS; from arthritis, diabetics, osteoporosis, to skin diseases. We may be missing the very fundamental elements of health for our Pets – the natural source of energy. More pets are exposing less to natural sunlight, negatively charged air, or exposed to the natural earth’s magnetic field and frequencies that are vital to the health of all living things. Most of them are kept indoor and only get a chance to go outdoors once or twice a day if they are lucky.  Pets’ lifestyle today is very unhealthy and can be even worse than our human counterpart. They need just as much attention to a healthier lifestyle.  Low-intensity low-frequency (earth natural) Pulsed Electromagnetic field can be a beneficial, safe, affordable and easy to use technology to bring much-needed vitality back to your pets.

PEMF for Pets

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology (PEMF) has been around for decades, starting with the application for recovery from bone fractures for horses, to clinical application in improving blood circulation, pain relief, non-union bone fracture recovery, to holistic applications for general and home wellness. Low intensity pulsed magnetic field promotes and restores cellular energy, alleviates inflammation, improves circulation and blood oxygenation – all these are vital in supporting the body’s self-healing capabilities, in both human and animals.

Pets, due to their relatively smaller body mass and their higher metabolism rate, they are much more sensitive to the presence of good magnetic frequency and can receive the benefits much faster as compared to the human body. Many of the clinical trials conducted on animal subjects show a positive result as compared to the control subjects. In general, any PEMF system used on the human body can also apply to pets, with some adjustment to the intensity due to their relatively smaller body mass. However, Pets are generally sensitive to such natural fields, and they will automatically adjust their distance and time they feel comfortable exposing to it.

Key PEMF Benefits for PETS

Benefits experienced by the human can similarly apply to Pets, though the rate of response can vastly different due to the much higher metabolism rate of animals. In general, PEMF can be very useful for Pets on the treatment of:

  • Accelerate recovery and healing from injuries, wounds and bone fractures.
  • Improves circulatory related problems
  • Improve Auto-immune related issues like skin disorders, helping the immune system to achieve homoeostasis
  • Metabolism related issues like diabetes
  • Prevention of bone loss (i.e. osteoporosis)
  • Pain-relief and many more

We can’t say much on the emotional aspect of the animals as there are limited studies on this, but we do observe pets feel calm and relaxed when they are around the low-intensity low magnetic pulsed magnetic field. Natural field PEMF not only can be used on pets like dogs, cats, rabbits land based animals, it can also apply to birds and fishes – almost any living things, including your house plants. All earth-based living things can benefit from a healthy dose of magnetic pulses now and then. Check out our recommended Mini PEMF mat designed for small animals in mind.