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In the evolving world of pet wellness technologies, PEMF for Pets has emerged as a groundbreaking approach to enhancing the well-being of our beloved animals. The pioneering Petspemf Pad, an innovation by the burgeoning company Omnipemf, which originally concentrated on rTMS and PEMF-based brainwave entrainment with their flagship product NeoRhythm, has now expanded its reach. Riding on the success and positive feedback of the NeoRhythm Pad, the company has introduced a dedicated pad tailored for pets. This specialized Petspemf Pad offers diverse stimulation programs designed specifically for the optimal health of pets, whether large or small.

Understanding the Petspemf Pad: A Non-Pharmaceutical Solution

The Petspemf Pad is designed as a versatile Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device suitable for both specific and overall treatment of pets. It offers portability and user-friendliness, making it convenient for use either in clinical settings or at home or in a stable to complement in-person treatments. Importantly, the use of the Petspemf Pad will not disrupt established standard treatment protocols or pain management regimens. Its efficacy is enhanced when used alongside other therapies such as laser therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, as well as pain and inflammation medications.

Benefits of PEMF for Pets

PEMF technology offers animals a safe and non-invasive therapeutic option to promote wound healing without requiring direct skin contact. It has been demonstrated to yield positive results in addressing both acute and chronic inflammation in pets, aiding in post-surgical and tissue recovery, reducing inflammation, and offering physical relief.

PetsPEMF PEMF for Pets

Following tissue injury, the body naturally responds with an acute inflammatory process to combat infections and initiate healing. However, excessive inflammation can lead to pain and swelling. PEMF therapy specifically targets inflammation, helping to alleviate pain and reduce swelling.

Magnetic therapies facilitate the pet’s healing process by restoring proper circulation and mitigating inflammation. Increased blood flow to affected areas in a dog’s body promotes the delivery of essential nutrients, expediting the healing process. While magnetic therapies may not address all medical issues, they represent an affordable, non-invasive, and secure approach to healing.

Electromagnetic field treatment is effective for various orthopedic injuries, including strains, sprains, torn ligaments, herniated discs, fractures, broken bones, and muscle injuries.

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Unparalleled Features of the Petspemf Pad

  • Unlimited PEMF Therapy: With its rechargeable battery, the need for disposable batteries is eliminated, and no requirement to look for a power point to tap on. No cables, no tangling to worry about.
  • Safety and Durability: Crafted from breathable, natural materials, the Petspemf Pad boasts a waterproof and scratch-proof cover. The absence of exposed cables further accentuates its safety, making it the most pet-friendly PEMF mat available.
  • Stimulation Programs designed for Pets: While NeoRhythm Pad can equally suitable for your Pet’s use, both the programs, layout and pad material are not designed for pets.

Tailored PEMF Programs for Diverse Needs

The Petspemf Pad offers different pad sizes and stimulation programs. The spectrum of programs, each harnessing different frequencies to cater to specific needs for best effect.

Pain Relief Program:

  • Objective: To stimulate cells, enhance circulation, and reduce inflammation, thereby relieving pain.
  • Recommended Stimulation Regime:
    • Frequencies: 50.6 Hz and 15.2 Hz
    • Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
    • Position: Over the affected site
    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • Therapy: As required

Accelerated Healing Program:

  • Objective: To stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.
  • Recommended Stimulation Regime:
    • Frequencies: 15.2 Hz and 40.5 Hz
    • Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
    • Position: Over the affected site or wound
    • Duration: 30 minutes
    • Therapy: As required

Stress Relief Program:

  • Objective: To alleviate stress and promote relaxation.
  • Recommended Stimulation Regime:
    • Frequencies: 4 Hz and 6 Hz
    • Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT
    • Position: Plexus, whole body, or head
    • Therapy: Initially, 3 sessions of 20 minutes each per day for a week, followed by 1-2 sessions of 20 minutes each per day for the next two weeks.

PetsPEMF Pad Specification

There are two sizes available to choose from. Both sizes share the same technology and program, the differences are in the Pad sizes and coils (emitter layout) – refer diagram below.

PEMF for Pets
PEMF for Pets, petspemf size comparison.
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