Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

The importance of sleeping well by night in order to live in tune by day is at the heart of Philip Stein’s philosophy and way of life.

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

Whether you are preparing for an important business meeting, training to perform at your peak, concentrating at work or handling stressful situations, a good night’s sleep is essential. Designed to help wearers sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed, the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet is a comfortable, easy to wear, nighttime accessory.

Philip Stein’s unique Natural Frequency Technology® is incorporated into everyday accessories to improve our overall wellbeing and health on a day to day basis.

Philip Stein has been on a journey to challenge conventional ideas and introduce new possibilities to the watchmaking and accessories landscape. But how does it work? Our technology is based on the scientific principle that the Earth is surrounded by natural frequencies that help us stay at our healthiest. Philip Stein sleep bracelet houses a Natural Frequency Technology® disc, which acts as an antenna to pick up these beneficial frequencies towards our bodies.  These amplified natural frequencies act as an entrainment effect, helping the wearers to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. The effect is similar to brainwave entrainment technologies but at a very subtle level.

Phlip Stein Sleep Bracelet

Using Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

To feel the full benefits of the Sleep Bracelet we recommend 30 nights consecutive use. Wear the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet 15-30 minutes before you go to sleep


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Philip Stein is a wearable wellbeing brand which started in 2003. Their products combine innovative technology with high-quality craftsmanship and stylish design. We believe in the power of aligning with nature’s frequencies and as a result, achieve a balance between body, mind and soul.

Inspired by this connection, the company developed the proprietary Natural Frequency Technology®, which is based on the positive effects that Earth´s natural frequencies have on humans. The technology functions like a finely tuned antenna harnessing beneficial natural frequencies and channelling them to the body.

Over the past 13 years, they have conducted research and studies with wellbeing wearables (watches and bracelets) embedded with the Natural Frequency Technology®  that showed benefits among the users such as more energy, less stress, and improved quality of sleep. The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet has been specially designed with perforated, soft cloth straps to let the skin breath throughout the night and a stainless steel casing that houses our unique technology; harnessing natural frequencies associated with truly restful sleep and refreshed awakenings.

Wellness is the key that unleashes our true potential

Note: the effect of such natural frequencies can be subtle and gentle, not every wearer will experience the entrainment effect, and hence sleep quality. Think of how some people can put to sleep easily with soothing music but some simply have negligible impact. We recommend buyer to experience it first with our rental unit for a week or two. Check out our RENTAL option