IonSpec P20 Negative Ions Spectacle


Professionally Designed IonSpec Frame only Negative Ions Spec offers an affordable and yet professional looking eye-care solution for your daily activities. It is designed as a prescription eye-frame with your own prescription lens.

IonSpec P20- Specification: 50-18-138

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IonSpec Flagship Professional P20 Negative Ions Frame only Spec


IonSpec Professional Negative Ions Spec P20

The Flagship Professional Model is designed with a thicker frame with more touch points. This is important as the surface area and contact points can determine the actual amount of anions being released, and hence it’s effectiveness. The spectacle frame can be wear without glass or with prescription glass. The material of the frame is infused with nano-particles of minerals that emit subtle negative ions and far infra ray.

IonSpec Specification

IonSpec P20- Specification: 50-18-138


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