OMI MiniMate

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OMI Minimate is an affordable, basic, no-frills, low-intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Pillow Pad that serves basic objectives of PEMF application – to improve cellular energy and body circulation. Manufactured in Eastern Europe, despite being a simple design, it offers relatively good quality and durability for day-to-day use. It is lightweight, easy to carry around and suitable for use in many different situations. Also because of its compact form, the pillow pad is also ideal for both human and home pets use.

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The compact PEMF Pad measured just 60 x 40cm is perfect for travelling, home and office for localized treatment in the human and full body for pets. The device works in the frequency range from 1 to 99Hz and it has three different programmes. Value of the magnetic field intensity measured on the surface of the device is 220 μTelsa (2.2 Gauss). Learn more about MiniMate

Product Specification

OMI MiniMate and Pad

  • Power Adapter Type: TQ-1701500 (UK Plug type)
  • Adapter input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Adapter Output Voltage: 17V DC
  • Class of protection against electric shock hazard: II
  • Power Factor: 10W
  • Protection of the Patient Side: B
  • Ingress Protection: IP21
  • Effective magnetic field intensity: 2 Gauss (220 microteslas)
  • Waveform: Square

Environmental Conditions:

  • Operating environment: 10-35 degree Celsius
  • Air Pressure: 700-1060 hPa
  • Humidity: Max 80% (at 25 degree Celsius, non-condensed)