QH2 PEMF & FIR Field Effects


QH2 Field Effects Pad

The QH2 PEMF & FIR fields effect Pad combines the theories of traditional Chinese medicine’s meridian system, pharmacology, and modern medical theories. It effectively utilizes the concepts of thermotherapy, far-infrared effects, magnetic field effects, herbal compress, stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, regulation of the body’s Qi (energy flow), and enhancement of the immune system. By integrating these various treatment methods, it generates a synergistic effect, which not only strengthens the therapeutic power of the original device but also improves the level of effectiveness.

The multi-effect therapy device works by applying its effects on the acupuncture points and meridians, thereby regulating the bio-magnetic field at the affected area. This leads to a series of physiological and biochemical reactions, resulting in unique therapeutic effects such as dispelling wind and dampness, warming the meridians, promoting blood circulation, resolving blood stasis, dispelling cold and relieving pain. It effectively reduces inflammation, alleviates spasms and swelling, improves tissue nourishment, enhances blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, and significantly contributes to the restoration of bodily functions.

Multi-Fields Effect PEMF, FIR, TCM
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This therapy can be used to improve health issues related to the musculoskeletal system, digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system, urinary system, circulatory system, and gynecological conditions in the elderly. The field-effect therapy device is simple to operate, safe, non-invasive, painless, and has no side effects. It is an ideal and practical new home healthcare device.

Field-Effects Treatment Principles

The design principle of the field-effect therapy device has been proven through numerous clinical practices to have unique and significant therapeutic effects, which are highlighted in the following four aspects:

FIR (Far Infrared) Field Effects

PEMF FIR Multi-Fields effect for pain-relief.

Far-infrared heating (FIR) is the main therapeutic method of this device. When an alternating current passes through the spiral coil of the device, it generates far-infrared heating effects, emitting infrared radiation with a wavelength of 8 to 16 micrometers and a temperature range of 35°C to 60°C. This infrared radiation penetrates deep into the body, reaching up to 3 centimeters below the skin surface, causing a series of secondary reactions in the body’s tissues.

The far-infrared heating effect induces vasodilation, accelerates local blood flow, raises the body temperature, improves blood circulation, and facilitates the absorption and dissipation of exudates in tissues. It demonstrates significant anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects. Furthermore, far-infrared heating can also reduce and alleviate the excitability of nerve endings. It helps dissolve and eliminate the pain caused by nerve compression due to swelling. As the swelling diminishes, the pain subsides, making it particularly effective and rapid in providing pain relief, reducing edema, promoting the absorption of hematoma, and preventing infections in patients with hematomas.

Pulsed Magnetic (PEMF) Field Effect

PEMF FIR Field Effect

This therapeutic device utilizes a safe voltage of 21 to 36 volts and an electric frequency of 50Hz to create an pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) pulsation packages within a specially designed rubber magnetic core coil. This magnetic field affects the human body’s bio-magnetic field, inducing resonance and producing a magnetic therapy effect. As the magnetic field has a certain influence on the body’s meridians and nerves, magnetic therapy is one of the prominent therapeutic effects of this device. In clinical applications, it has shown significant efficacy in areas such as calming, pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, and alleviating diarrhea. Additionally, it has demonstrated notable effects in softening scars and promoting their healing

Acupoint Stimulation of Meridians

PEMF Far-Infrared TCM Herbal Stimulation

This device utilizes the electric and thermal effects released by the energized effect belt to provide benign stimulation to specific acupoints on the human body, thereby clearing and unblocking the meridians. This process helps achieve a balance between Yin and Yang, leading to the adjustment of the body’s central nervous system balance. Additionally, it further enhances the immune function, promotes local blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition, and accelerates metabolism. As a result, it plays a role in “treating both the root cause and the symptoms” of various conditions.

Herbal Particle Delivery (With Herbal Pad)


Under the influence of the alternating magnetic field, stray magnetic field, and far-infrared heating radiation generated by the field-effect therapy device, the Chinese herbal supplementary pad is applied. Through temperature control switches, the skin temperature at the treatment site is maintained between 42°C to 52°C. The herbal particles are heated, and their Brownian motion speeds up, leading to increased diffusion and penetration of the herbal medicine.

As a result, the blood vessels dilate and become congested, promoting an increase in local nutrients. This process achieves the effect of “guiding the medicine deep into the lesion.” The combination of the magnetic field, far-infrared radiation, and herbal medicine creates a synergistic effect, complementing each other’s advantages and significantly enhancing the therapeutic outcome.

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