Not sure if the product is working for you and wish to try it out first before committing to the investment? Or you just need to use the product for a short period of treatment or events? Now we are extending rental options for some of our products (to residents of Singapore only). The maximum rental period is up to 1 month. Now you can explore technologies for PEMF, RIFE, Audio-visual Brainwave Entrainment, Cranial Electrotherapy, Microcurrent Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy, human energy field, Electric Potential, etc. at an affordable cost.

  • iMRS PEMF (Omnium1) technology S$125/week, S$400/month. Security Deposit S$500
    The rental system includes 1 x Omnium1 control system, 1 x full body mat (OmniMat), and 1 x pad (OmniPad). Omnium1 offers the same technology as the flagship iMRS system for the full-body mat and Pad. Or optionally rent just the full-body mat for S$100/week.
  • EarthPulse PEMF technology – S$80/week. Security Deposit: S$500
    Rental system includes 1 x unit of EarthPulse standard (1 x magnetic coil)
  • MindAlive Brainwave Entrainment – S$50/week. Security Deposit: S$300
    The system includes 1 x DAVID Delight Pro with 1 x Multi-Color Eyeset, 1 x Headset, and 1 x CES EarClip.  1 x 9V battery included.
  • Oii-Energy Potential Therapy – S$100/week, S$300/month. Security Depost S$500
  • VION Negative Ion therapy – S$100/week, S$300/month. Security Deposit S$500
    Rental system includes 1 x VION Negative Ion with 1 x Pair of New Electropad
  • Philip Steins Sleep Bracelet – S$25/week, Security Deposit S$200.
  • Bio-Well Human Energy Field Visualizer – S$200/week with software (unlimited profiles) including a briefing on use. Security deposit S$800. Rental only option. Excellent demonstration tool for roadshow, seminar or events.

We would offer 1st week or 50% refund of your rental cost, whichever is higher if you decided to purchase the unit. Rental is only valid for use within Singapore only. Please fill in the form below to reserve your request. We will advise you on the earliest available date

Equipment Rental Form

Please kindly fill in your particulars and request for rental below. We will get in touch with you on the earliest available date

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We have also many other demo/tester/evaluation units that you can purchase from us. Save up to 75% from original retail price. 1 month warranty by us.

  • Electric Potential device (5-7-9 KV electric potential with positive/negative potential).  Purchase Price S$150 – Evaluation Unit. U.P. S$450
  • Professional Air Particle counter (PSI 2.5 and 10). Purchase Price S$180 – Evaluation unit. U.P. S$300.
  • Portable Rife system using PEMF technology – MediWave, with hundreds of programmable frequencies. Purchase Price S$500 – Demo / Evaluation unit. U.P. S$1,500.
  • BioMat Amelyst Infra Bedding Mattress/Pad – OEM version. Purchase Price S$450. U.P.  S$1000+
  • Elanra therapeutic air purifier – Purchase price from S$550 (MKIII) and S$650 (MKII) – Demo / Evaluation Unit.

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