Bio-Resonance Pro


Bio-Resonance Patch Bundle is a made-in-Singapore product, with a potent mix of natural minerals that offers optimal bio-resonance frequencies for pain-relief




A new Energy Science Medicine Technologies, constantly providing vibrating wave energy on the area as long as it is placed, reducing inflammation, loosening blocked vessels, smoothing and stimulating acupressure points, a replacement for needling! BRP Pro pain relief disc is a natural alternative, a method of stimulating pain relief, it is made from meteorite powder, crystals powder, and magnets. These properties continuously emit energy waves penetrating every known particle, right down to the atom. It boosts the energy at the cellular level, increases the electrical conductivity of the blood, thus significantly contribute to the efficiency of the blood flow.

BRP pro provides release from spasms, allowing the smooth and striated muscle to relax, aiding blood flow to the muscle around arteries and blood vessels which naturally leads to better tissue nutrition and a reduction in localized inflammation.  The anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect help reduction of pain.

BRP Pro Benefits

Bio-Resonance Pro Disc

  • Small in size, big in effect. 4 x times more powerful and effective than BRP Patch.
  • Cost effective, as you can reuse it over and over
  • Unlike medicated pain relief patch, it is odorless, non-oily and seldom cause side reaction to skin surface
  • Safe, non-intrusive and almost anyone can use it with ease.
  • Consist of specially formulated mineral stones and crystals to maximum bio-resonance effect for pain relief
  • Consist of meteorite powder, crystals (Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Kyanite, Topaz, and Turquoise) power,  and active magnets.
  • Manufactured in Singapore




Bio-Resonance Pro Package Content

Each Bio-Resonance Pro package consists of

  • 1 x BRPro Reusable Disc Patch
  • 4 x Disposable Plaster


Bio-Resonance Pro Bundle Content

  • 1 Package of Bio-Resonance Pro Package
  • 1 x BRP Pain Hand Pain Relief – DIY (sold S$15 separately)

Understanding the cause of Pain

There are many types and causes of pains. The most common cause of pain are the lifestyle, repetition of the same movement over a long period of time, i.e. writing, carrying objects, standing, sitting, bending, etc. Another common cause of pain is due to the sports injury or sudden motion that creates stress on the muscle that leads to muscle contraction. Blockage of blood flow will also induce pain. It is also common that a single pain issue is due to few sets of tendon muscles contraction or several blocked meridian vessels.

While both Western muscular contraction therapy and Chinese Acupressure Meridians each has their own theory and approach, both are working towards improving blood circulation, reducing stress and inflammation.

Find out more about the root points of pain here


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