Bio-Resonance Patch Bundle


Bio-Resonance Patch Bundle is a made-in-Singapore product, with a potent mix of natural minerals that offers optimal bio-resonance frequencies for pain-relief

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Bio-Resonance Patch (BRP), a non trans-dermal technology, an advance form of acupressure with the cutting edge Bio Resonance Technologies often give immediate result when place on body. It’s vibrational energy constantly stimulating and loosening blocked vessels, improving blood circulations, detoxifying stubborn dead cells and other toxic materials that is harmful to our body.

Designed and manufactured in Singapore, BRP is designed with ease of use an a cost effective solution for your day-to-day pain relief suitable for everyone in your family.

Bio-Resonance Patch

  • Small in size, big in effect
  • Cost effective, as you can reuse it over and over
  • Unlike medicated pain relief patch, it is odorless, non-oily and seldom cause side reaction to skin surface
  • Safe, non-intrusive and almost anyone can use it with ease.
  • Consist of specially formulated mineral stones and crystals to maximum bio-resonance effect for pain-relief
  • Amethyst,, Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Kyanite, Topaz, Torquoise
  • Manufactured in Singapore

Bio-resonance Patch BRP

BRP Handbook

The BRP Handbook for Pain Relief is a simple and effective guide for anyone who wish to find the root point of pain (ashi or trigger point). The book introduces the theory and principle of Bio-Resonance Patch (BRP) and Ashi Point and various technique and tools that you can use to relief the pain.

The BRP Handbook can be a handy reference for anyone to keep, providing a clear and precise guide in identifying your ashi point(s) and recommendations for 33 common pain problems.

The book is written and illustrated in both English and Mandarin.

BRP Handbook

BRP Handbook Illustration

Bio-Resonance Patch Package Content

Each Bio-Resonance Patch package consists of

  • 4 x BRP550 Reusable Patch
  • 8 x Disposable Plaster
  • 1 x BRP application summary

BRP550 Package Content

Bio-Resonance Patch Bundle Content

  • 1 Package of Bio-Resonance Patch Package
  • 1 x BRP Pain Hand Pain Relief – DIY (sold S$15 separately)

Bio-resonance Patch Bundle



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