MindAlive Oasis Pro CES


MindAlive’s Oasis Pro is the latest design of the CES device, that comes with optional functions for Micro-Electrical Therapy (MET) and trans-Cranial DC Stimulation (tDCS) with the additional MET and tDCS Kits



MindAlive’s Oasis Pro is the latest design of the CES device that comes with optional functions for Micro-Electrical Therapy (MET) and transcranial DC Stimulation (tDCS) with the optional MET and tDCS Kits.  Unlike in Alert Pro and Delight Pro where users have limited control over CES frequencies and are CES functions more as an optional extension, Oasis Pro is designed primarily with CES function in mind. Oasis Pro has no AVE capabilities. Instead, it comes with optional MET and tDCS capabilities.

Application of CES

The Cranial Electro Stimulation CES device has been proven to inhibit, delay, and reverse the first stages of many neuropsychiatric illnesses. It is also extremely successful in preventing the exacerbation of anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and rage. Many have found the device helpful in combating problems such as alchohol and drug addiction. Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation provides small pulses of electric current across the head of the wearer, may help to improve the condition of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Over 200 studies to date have shown that CES increase the calming type of neurotransmitters within the brain, namely serotonin, and endorphins. Clinical research over the past 50 years has shown that CES calms the mind, boosts relaxation, helps with sleep and improves mental sharpness and ability in general. CES is particularly useful in producing calm in situations like being at the dentist while writing exams or struggling with the fast pace of work or school. CES also settles body discomfort.


Each OASIS PRO comes with

  • Stimulus Cable with Earclips
  • Small Carry case
  • 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
  • Comprehensive Operator’s Manual
  • This product runs on battery power only. (no AC Adapter required)
Additional features include:
User Programmable with optional DAVID Session Editor CD
50 % Duty Cycle Sub-Delta session
MET (optional)
tDCS (optional)

About Microcurrent Electro Therapy (MET) – Optional

Although electro-medicine has been in existence for well over a thousand years, developments in electronics and new research have seen this technology grow at a terrific rate in recent years. Microcurrent Electro Therapy (MET) is very different than traditional TENS because MET produces its benefits in part on a cellular level. MET has longer lasting effects than TENS.
The concept of MET is based, in part, on Arndt’s Law, which states that weak stimuli excite physiological activity, whereas medium-strength stimuli will encourage it and intense stimuli will suppress it. It is believed that MET delivered at around 500 micro-amps in the 0.5 to 3 Hz range may be most useful for treating pain.

About Transcranial DC Stimulation (tDCS) – Optional

When a DC current is applied to the scalp with the intention of altering neuronal activity, it is known as transcranial DC stimulation. tDCS is effective in modulating spontaneous neuronal firing. tDCS at intensities of 1 milliamp applied for roughly 20 minutes has been shown to either excite or inhibit the sensory-motor cortex, with the effects lasting over an hour. Excitation is achieved by anodal (+) stimulation, while inhibition is obtained by cathodal (-) stimulation. Anodal stimulation has also been shown to increase both beta and gamma activity in the visual cortex, while cathodal stimulation has decreased beta and gamma activity. Stimulation is generated by putting a wet cloth, cotton ball or sponge on the scalp over the brain region to be treated and a sponge or cotton ball on the shoulder or the face. The tDCS sessions deliver a maximum intensity of 2.2 milliamps at DC. tDCS is being used for the treatment of many conditions, including depression.

CAUTIONS: tDCS is very powerful and if misapplied, can result in adverse side effects. Therefore, the sessions for tDCS will only be released to qualified clinicians. Contact us for tDCS option.


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