Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

$700.00 $409.00

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet is one type of entrainment technology that is designed to harvest and amplify the natural frequencies in your environment that are beneficial for sleep.


Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet is one type of entrainment technology that leverage on earth’s natural frequencies. Instead of artificially recreating the earth-based frequencies that are calming to our body and mind using an e system, the sleep bracelet adopts a non-electronic mechanic to tune into natural electromagnetic waves surrounding us and amplified it to benefit the wearer. This is like tuning into a specific radio station (Hz) and broadcast the message.  In another word, you can treat Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet as a radio that can tune into the sleep frequencies that is beneficial to your sleep.

Such frequencies may help increase the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone, that can help to induce better sleep.


  • Two years international warranty
  • 16-mm wrist strap
  • Unisex


7-days Trial @ S$25

No amount of testimonials, research and studies can compare to your very own personal experience, and we do understand the technology may not works for every people, like any natural sleep solutions available. We offer a 7-days trial with our demo product. Pay a deposit of S$225 to take back the unit with you to experience it for seven days.  The trial unit collection is only available at our office. If you don’t like it, return the unit to us, and we will refund you S$200, minus S$25 trial fee. Contact us now to arrange a trial unit.


Free Brainwave Entrainment Assessment

As an entrainment technology, the effect of Philip Stein Sleep bracelet can be measured and visualised using an EEG device, which measures your brainwave activities. We offer a free assessment of your brainwave activities using NeuroSky MindWave EEG to give you an idea how your body reacts to the sleep bracelet. Hear what Dr Gardere has to say on Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet.