Vortex Negative Ions Generator 3500


Vortex VI3500 Negative Ions Generator is one of the most powerful negative ionizer in the market that generates 3.5 trillion of ions per second, covering 75 sqm, with air flow output of more than 45 meters per minutes.

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Vortex 3500 Negative Ions Generator

Vortex 3500 is the latest upgrade of the legacy industrial-strength negative ions generator by WEIN Products Inc, USA. It produces an unparallel concentration of negative ions with its patented pulsed ionization purifier technology. It is portable and can be placed anywhere, with can effectively deliver negative ions up to 800 square feet (or 75 square meters) of indoor air space

Vortex 3500 Technology – Vortex Ionic Wind

The Vortex 3500 uses the wonders of miniature technology to imitate nature’s million processes in one of the most powerful compact, efficient and economical air purifiers design. Small enough to use in any room, yet powerful enough to clean large air spaces, the Vortex 3500 is more efficient than much larger, more costly units.

Beginning the moment you plug it in, the Vortex 3500 releases a powerful stream of 3.4 trillion ions per second into the air in a pulsing “on-off” cycle (most of the negative ions generators in the market deliver 2-20 millions ions per seconds). During the “on” cycle, powerful vortex waves of ions are electronically swirled into the air at a rate of 150 feet per minutes, effectively washing the air of even the most microscopic pollutants.

Given the density of ions it generates, it not only can be used for air purification purpose but also to provide an environment that is charged with health-promoting negative ions in your rooms.


The Vortex 3500’s ion emitter stimulates airflow by discharging ions in a rapid, spiral vortex motion – actually drawing airborne pollutants to the device, instead of waiting for them to pass near the unit randomly. The Vortex 3500 precipitates a wide variety of airborne contaminants, including

  • dust and dust mites
  • viruses and bacteria
  • odours, second-hand cigarette smoke
  • toxic chemical fumes
  • pollen, mold spores
  • animal dander



  • Ion output: 3.5 trillion ions per second
  • Ion Monitor: Neon discharge pulse monitor
  • Coverage Area: 800 square feet (20′ x 40′ room)
  • Particle effectiveness: As small as 0.1 micron
  • Airflow Output: Greater than 45 meters per minute
  • Power Use: Less than 8 Watts
  • Power Voltage: 110 – 220V. US Plug type
  • Warranty: 1-year local warranty
  • Ozone output: No detectable ozone (well below OSHA standard)
  • Material: High Impact ABS
  • Dimension: 19.6cm x 19cm x 3.8cm
  • Weight: 544g

In one hour, the Vortex 3500 will remove over 98% of the most respirable particles from the air in a large room. These are the germs or pollutant particles that can lodge deep in the lungs that the body cannot exhale.  A sealed safety room would continue to be almost particle free as long as the unit runs continuously. The results hold for inert as well as living organisms such as bioaerosols.


Recommended Applications

For practical use of negative ions generator for wellness purpose, we recommend it to be used in a closed room environment, so the negatives ions strength are not neutralised by the pollutant or dust. Position the device approximately 1 meter away from your body (or breathing path), best if in an air circulation pathway so the ions can get dispersed for maximum reach.