SOTA Bio Tuner BT9

The SOTA Bio Tuner BT9 is a consumer product designed to be used as part of a wellness lifestyle. It supports the mind-body connection by offering harmonic frequencies that help create an inner sense of calm, balance and tranquility. The product is designed to be used independently, but can also be used together with any of the SOTA Products (i.e. SOTA Magnetic Pulser MP6).

SOTA Bio Tuner BT9

Harmonic Frequencies Using the Bio Tuner

The 6 different modes of the Bio Tuner are comfort settings. The choices enable the user to experiment to discover what feels or works best. With extended use, vary the mode from time to time. The broad range of frequencies created by the Bio Tuner helps the body to relax and promotes a sense of well-being. Simply place the ear clips on the ear lobes positioning them


BT9 is designed to last and simple to use. One On/Off Knob with continuous intensity level control, and mode button to switch between 6 modes of operation. BT9 is powered by 9V battery, which offers lasting, cost effective and portability. It supports the use of rechargeable 9V battery too.

The frequency output of the Bio Tuner is Quartz Crystal controlled for highest accuracy.
The base frequency 1,000 Hz is modulated by 111.11 Hz, with a broad range of harmonic frequencies.
The unit offers six different settings or modes. Two of the modes, Mode 3 and Mode 6, incorporate the Schumann or Earth frequency of 7.83 Hz.
A gentle audible beep sounds at the end of the 20 minute session and when the battery is getting low.
LED lights indicate a) the unit has sufficient power b) the circuits are operating properly c) which mode is operating.
The unit operates at a constant voltage as the battery weakens. This feature ensures that the output does not decrease as the battery wears out.
The SOTA Bio Tuner is covered by a three-year warranty. 1st year local 1-to-1 exchange (for Singapore customers) and 2nd/3rd year from manufacturer.
The Bio Tuner is CE certified. This is a European standard that indicates an electronic unit conforms to essential safety requirements to operate as a household consumer product.
The Bio Tuner is RoHS Compliant. This is a European standard that restricts the use of six hazardous materials, including lead, in electronic and electrical equipment


If you are on psychiatric medication, have a neurological condition or seizures, please consult your health care provider prior to using the Bio Tuner.
If you experience an increase in tinnitus or ringing in the ears, please discontinue use. We do recommend you to test out the item at our showroom first before purchase.
If you experience headaches or nerve pain when using the unit, please discontinue use.
While this technology is generally considered safe, there exists potential for rare individual reactions that cannot reasonably be foreseen. Therefore, your use of the SOTA Products constitutes your agreement that you are responsible for your decision to use the technology.

Output Specifications

Maximum <1.5mA Peak ~40 Volts Peak-Peak into typical 4k ohm load. Minimum <~10uA, 10 Volt Peak-Peak at lowest setting. Output impedance ~20k ohm.
1,000 Hz Square wave (+/- 1 Hz) pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz (+/- 1 Hz) Square wave. Waveforms are Quartz Crystal-Controlled for precise frequency output. There is also a broad range of harmonic frequencies delivered in each pulse as observed on a frequency domain (not time domain) spectrum analyzer.
Pulses are an alternating current (AC) output with no direct current (DC) or offset bias. Output is transformer coupled so that no DC can appear at electrodes. The algebraic sum of positive and negative-going pulses is zero.

Package Contents

The BT9 package comes with

  • 1 x Cable Code
  • 1 x Pair of Ear Clip
  • 2 x Pair Conductive Rubber Electrodes
  • 1 x Arm Band with Clip
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Product Manual
  • 1 x 9V alkaline Battery

More product information and specifications can be found here