Whole Body Vertical Vibration

A healthy lifestyle has to include healthy doses of body movement, be it a brisk walk, slow jog, swim, morning exercise, or even a simple stretching. Your body has to move to allow your muscle to stretch and contract, causing blood vessels to relax and contract to bring more oxygen, nutrients throughout your body, and carry toxins away. With the help of gravitational force, the impact & resistance of your movements will help osteoblast (bone cells creation) and result in a higher density bones. The action also sends signals to your central nervous system (CNS) to stimulate your neurons to transmits various neurotransmitters to create a healthy body and mind. Movement is essential to life. We all are aware of such basic rule of healthy living, but not everyone has the time and space luxury to achieve this. Some due to work commitments and some to physical conditions, of course, many are due to discipline and determination.


Low Intensity Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV)

Whole body vertical vibration (WBVV) is a form a passive exercise that almost anyone can do it easily and safely from the comfort of their home or office. Different from a localized passive activity like massage,  electric muscle stimulation (EMS), or transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulations (TENS), WBVV makes use of gravity force and our body weight to work the movement from the inside out. It can achieve results similar to active physical exercise, which has an overall impact on the musculoskeletal system, bones, internal organs, nervous system, blood vessels, endocrine system and cells when our whole body moves physically. Low energy WBVV, with the frequency less than 15Hz and low amplitude (i.e., < 4mm)  are usually used for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and to improve general well-being. This is different from the higher intensity (high-frequency 25Hz-40Hz) system that is more specialized for high performance, sports training, and weight loss.

MEMR Passive Physical Exercise

At Eastbay Wellness, we always in search for Minimal Effort and Minimal Risk (MEMR) health solution. Our selection of Whole Body Vertical Vibration products are the ideal MEMR device that offers passive physical exercise who wish to seek an alternative option in place of active physical activity. This can be due to temporary or permanent physical movement limitation, time restriction (not a good excuse though), or merely looking for a practical MEMR solution for your general well-being.

OIIYA Oii-Plate

Practical and affordable low intensity vertical vibration system suitable for home use, with local 1 year warranty directly by OIIYA.