Various systems are available for a short period home trial on rental basis. We believe this is the best approach in appreciating and evaluating the solution if it fits your application. You can rent the unit for as short as 1 week to a maximum of 1 month period. For most rental arrangement, we offer a full rental waiver (up to a month’s worth of rental fee) if you decided to purchase the system after the end of the trial.

Rental Options Eastbay Wellness

  • iMRSone Omnium1 Full-Body PEMF system – Starts from S$100/week. Deposit S$500.
  • VION Negative Ion Therapy Device – S$50/week. Deposit S$250
  • DAVID Delight Brainwave Entrainment Device – S$50/week. Deposit S$200
  • Bio-well Device – S$100/week (inclusive of unlimited profile software license). Deposit S$400

For other systems, please contact us for more information