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With so many pressing demands and commitments in a busy world today, many of us don’t have enough time to take care of our well-being and beauty needs. Here in Eastbay Wellness, we promotes home wellness products that’s easy to use, risk free, and saves time that are supported by science and clinically proven. We have many easy solutions ranging from general home wellness products for home living, foot care, beauty skin care, protection and support to more specific medical needs like diabetics foot care and pain relief devices.   Visit our online store / retail outlets or contact us to find out more about our products and services.

Body Charger – Your Natural Home Wellness Choice

Introducing the ultimate no-pain, no-drug, no-operation way of improving your well being: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (or PEMF Therapy). The science of PEMF is not new, and has been around for many decades and is backed with numerous scientific studies and clinical trials (thousands and counting), and it has been applied both as formal clinical therapy for specific body conditions (especially in the area of pain relief and cells regeneration) and also widely used as an alternative medicine for wider application in improving general well being of a person.


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Now, you can own the world’s most popular personal PEMF system from just S$376/month. Contact us now for more details.

Omnium1 Installment Plan



The flag ship iMRS-Series is the culmination of more than 15 years of experience in energy medicine and more than 3.5 billion in-home applications worldwide. With the innovation of the iMRS people have the opportunity to acces a wide range of additional options for the first time in history (iSLRS with two additional components of the light spectrum,  iGUIDE with a virtual catalog of preset programming and iMORE technology).

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MindShaper Page

Looking for for non-drug approach to stress, anxiety, sleep problems, ADD/ADHD or to improve your cognitive, academic, sports performance? Various researches and studies have shown that many of our problems, including physical and mind-state is very much influenced by the dominance of a specific brainwave (Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta), and we can influence a specific brainwave dominance by the application of audio-visual entrainment (i.e. applying flashing light and audio beat at specific frequencies range). They are safe, affordable, portable and easy to use. Now, anyone can own a powerful Mind Shaper device or software system  at home.

DAVID AVE (Delight, Smart and Alert)


DAVID AVE system by MindAlive is the industry leader in audio-visual brainwave entrainment system. The sessions on the DELIGHT series are supported by research studies which include Seasonal Affective Disorder, stress reduction, insomnia, improved mood, mental sharpness, and balance (reduced risk of falling) in seniors, and reduced worry plus improvements in concentration and memory in college students. ALERT Series, (Attentive Living through Energizing, Restorative Technology) is an effective, alternative therapy for ADD/ADHD which utilizes AVE technology to settle hyperactivity, promote relaxation, and can even improve mood & logical thinking.

The DAVID SMART sessions are designed to improve academic performance, reduce stress, boost mood, and improve concentration and memory in college students. The SMART sessions also include our proprietary randomization process, which helps encourage dissociation and brain frequency tracking to the stimulus.

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Diabetic Series

+MD diabetic socks are scientifically designed and knitted with a non-constricting fit, so they stretch up to 20% further than other diabetic brands. Due to our proprietary knitting  capabilities, our socks allow free circulation without sagging or falling down. +MD Diabetic socks are additionally treated to help keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable. The moisture wicking properties and anti-microbial treatment help reduce odours and discomfort. Our diabetic socks features special comfort smooth yarns, cushion soles and flat seam construction.  The low friction design reduces the chances of blisters and abrasions, which can cause more serious foot problems.

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