NeoRhythm rTMS Neurostimulation

NeoRhythm is the first PEMF brainwave entrainment device with a multi-coil structure and gesture controls, which makes it one of the most user-friendly and mobile transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) device on the market. It helps you get into the desired state of mind by emitting scientifically supported frequencies through pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). The brain resonates and synchronizes with these frequencies to help you relax, enhance focus, energize body and mind, fall asleep quicker and sleep better, meditate better, or soothe your pain.

Neorhythm Brainwave Entrainment

NeoRhythm is a low-medium-intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation device (rTMS). With appropriate positioning of the coils inside the device which generate electromagnetic fields, we precisely target the right brain locations to get the desired effect.  NeoRhythm’s efficiency is confirmed by two independent double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and supported by many other scientific studies.

NeoRhythm is a complete and all-inclusive solution for every individual. It covers all the essential areas of human psychophysical activity. Our brainwave profile and our daily perception of the world are two inseparable phenomena. When our brainwaves are out of balance, related problems in our emotional or neuro-physical health occur. Numerous studies have identified brainwave patterns associated with all sorts of emotional and neurological conditions.