Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier

Air purifiers that are used in the home or office tend to be bulky, location-specific devices, and can only be effective in confined spaces. It is also not always possible to install air purification systems in every situation as you wish. When you’re outside in a public area, such as a street, public transport, airplane, school, office, clinic, etc., or in a place with poor ventilation, some of these potentially polluted spaces don’t have air purification systems. Places like these can carry airborne pathogens, viruses, or pollutants that are harmful to your health. Here’s when a personal air purifier comes in handy.

How Personal Air Purifiers works

The portable personal air purifier market generally consists of two types in the way it addresses pollutants. Due to their size, they don’t filter air, but rather use electrostatically charged ions to either attract/repel pollutants. In general, pollutants (dust, pathogens, etc.) are positively charged. The first type is a Open field (negative ions) purifier. They work by attracting pollutants, making them heavier, and causing them to fall from the air. It is also possible for them to become attracted to the wearer’s clothes and skin due to proximity.

The second type, less common, is a Closed Field purifier, that uses electrostatic charges to charge floating particles in the breathing zone. Electrostatically charged ions will repel pollutants away from the wearer, substantially removing toxic pollutants and contaminants from the breathing zone.

So the question is whether the pollutants should attract or repel from you? A simple answer would be to repel pollutants as it is obviously more effective. There are, however, some advantages to using a negative ion purifier. When worn in a normal, not overly polluted environment, negative ions purifiers can be beneficial to health.

Ionized Personal Air Purifier

Ionizers use electrostatic charges to create ionized air around your breathing zone, which acts as a protective shield against airborne pollutants. It’s not designed to catch, but to repel. We are proud to introduce WEIN’s new rechargeable personal air purifier – the AS300R.

WEIN Personal Air Supply AS-300R

The Air Supply® Rechargeable uses patented closed field plasma ionized wind NOT an open field Cottrell type particle precipitator. Open-field air purifiers deposit pollutants and viruses on the user, produce little ionized airflow, and require conductive neck cords, so the user is the collector. The WEIN AS-300R is a closed field plasma device. Microparticles are propelled by the electronic ionized wind away from the wearer, while some contaminants are destroyed by electron impact decomposition. In addition, the platinum emitter generates microwatts of ultraviolet light per cubic centimeter, which inactivates viruses. Other particles that are forced away are then deposited on the floor or other grounded surface. These particles are so small that it would take years to be noticed as a film.

Significant and substantial reductions of airborne breathable particles from .04 to 3 microns in size by Wein Air Supply® Rechargeable technology have been confirmed by leading world authorities in health related aerosol studies. This represents most viruses and bacteria. Because this happens outside the body. It does not matter how infectious or toxic these particles are! See validation studies Dr. Sergey Grinshpun, University of Cincinnati

Substantial inhalation risk reductions were confirmed under strict laboratory conditions in confined spaces (aircraft cabin simulations) and large test calibration chambers (rooms) used. A leading aerosol scientist Dr. Sergey Grinshpun who peer reviewed the studies said:

“Whether a particle is biological or virulent in humans is of no relevance while it is airborne. While still airborne, these virulent particles obey the same laws and effects as all airborne particles of the same aerodynamic size and density.”

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