OMI Beyond Portable PEMF system

The new OMI Beyond PEMF system from Oxford Medical Instruments manufactured by a Hungarian company, is the latest release that includes a full-body Pad and an optional Beyond PowerBand Strap for targeted treatment. The upgraded controller is designed to provide users with exceptional portability, flexibility, and affordability, all in one convenient product that is reasonably priced. With advanced features like customizable program settings, the PEMF Beyond mat and power package offers a cutting-edge and user-friendly PEMF therapy solution that is ideal for those seeking enhanced control over their treatment.

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New Features

OMI (Original)OMI Beyond
ControllerButton Based.iOS/Android based on Smartphone or Tablet.
Power SourcePower AdapterPower Adapter or In-built Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Preset Programs2100+
Custom Programs99Unlimited
Frequency1-99 Hz1.00 – 99.99 Hz (can specify up to 2 decimal point)
10-1000uT for Pad, and up to 1,200uT for Power Strap
Adjustable, 100 levels.
WaveformSquareSine, Square, Sawtooth
Session duration1-30 minutes1-360 minutes
Variable frequencyYes, on in presetYes, in both preset and custom programs
Variable IntensityNoYes, 3 level of intensity settings
Polarity SwitchNoYes
Applicators SupportedAll (RCA connector)All (RCA Connector)

SmartApp – OMI Beyond App (iOS and Android)

To make the products even more user-friendly, OMI has developed a free PEMF Beyond App for iOS and Android devices. This app facilitates automatic Bluetooth connection, neatly organized program groups and settings, one-touch program launch, frequently used programs, as well as all custom programs. Additionally, the products boast a prolonged battery life, increased magnetic field strength, cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and sleek design, making for an unmatched PEMF therapy experience.

The latest controller has the ability to produce an intensity of 1,200+ µT. It also includes more than 100 preset programs and limitless custom programs, enabling users to customize the program intensity to match their individual requirements. Furthermore, the program settings can be modified to deliver a tailored therapy experience that caters to the user’s specific needs.

OMI PEMF Beyond - Customizable

The PEMF Beyond mat and power package offer unparalleled portability and ease of use, as they are entirely wireless and have built-in rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the package features square, sine, and sawtooth waveforms, reverse polarity, and adjustable dynamic field strength and frequency ranges, making it one of the most comprehensive PEMF therapy solutions available.

OMI PEMF Pad with Beyond Controller

OMI Beyond Power Band (Optional)

The Beyond Power Band is a revised version of the OMI Ring, featuring an open-loop design that offers greater flexibility in its application, unlike the closed loop design of its predecessor. When paired with the new Beyond controller, it can deliver up to 1,200uT (12 Gauss) intensity.

OMI Beyond PEMF Strap
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Upgrading from MiniMate?

The new Beyond Controller is fully backward compatible with MiniMate Pad. You can trade-in and upgrade your controller. Contact us for trade-in options.