Mind Wellness Home Programs

MindAlive Audio-visual is a powerful technology to “re-condition” your mental state quickly and safely. This is a safe, easy to use system that anyone can use at home or office for relaxation (from stress, anxiety) and to improve focuses. To promote more to experience this fantastic technology, we are now offering the rental programs for you to experience this 1st hand at home or office. Keeping your Mind Alive and Healthy is never this easy and convenience.

  1. One consultation session to assess the correct applications for your needs at our office (or via call).
  2. 2 weeks programs (approx. 10-20 sessions) for use at home/office at your convenient.

Rental Program #1Audio-Visual programs with CES with David Delight Pro- S$100. Deposit S$250. Subsequent weekly rental fee of S$50 will apply accordingly.

Rental Program #2Audio-Visual programs only with David Delight – S$80. Deposit S$200. Subsequent weekly rental fee of S$40 will apply accordingly.

Rental Waiver: If you decided to purchase the system after the trial, we will offset the the rental fee off your purchase. Valid for the 1st 2 weeks rental period. Rental program is only available for Singapore residents.

Programs Available:

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