Delight AVE Sessions

To assist you to get the best out of DAVID Delight AVE sessions, this article offers a quick reference guide to help you decide what program to use during the days and for what condition. Please refer to the Delight Plus/Pro user manual and user guide for complete instruction on the usage of the device.


While Audio-Visual Entrainment is a non-invasive and safe device for general use, people of following conditions should not use (or only use under the supervision of qualified health professionals)

  • with history of epilepsy, photic epilepsy or any seizure disorder;
  • suffer from any mental disorder or psychiatric illness;
  • currently using any drugs (prescription or recreational);
  • under the influence of alcohol; have had any head injuries or ever had a seizure of any kind

Rules of Thumb

For best result, we recommend the following as guidelines:

  • Drink a glass of water (5-10 minutes preferably) before every AVE session.
  • Close your eyes during the session for more relaxed effects, especially for more relaxing sessions involving Alpha/Theta and Delta.
  • Use Beta sessions in the morning
  • Use Delta sessions at night only
  • Use the SMR session in the morning or early afternoon and the longer “Dissociative SMR”
    at night for the anxious-mind/quiet-body type of insomnia.
  • Use 10 Hz Alpha and Theta sessions in the afternoon.
  • Use slower Alpha sessions in the afternoon, evening or at bedtime, but not in the morning.

Delight Plus/Pro Sessions

Delight Plus/Pro comes with 25 sessions, categorized into 5 categories as below. There are 5 customizable user designed sessions in Delight Plus/Pro system. Systems purchased in 2021 and after will also get 3 extra Gamma sessions in the user designed category.

MindAlive DAVID Delight AVE sessions

Color Suggestions

The use of colors in meditation and spirituality has a long history. While there has been little research done on the use of
color or its application with audio-visual entrainment, there are many anecdotal accounts of the positive effects of color
therapy. Different colors are thought to influence our moods and emotions. Colors affect our perceptions of space. Often certain colors are associated with “calming” effects or a sense of well-being

All of our studies are based on white light stimulation. Use with any session.

Calming and relaxing. Best for deep mediation or sleep. Use with Theta, State 5 Meditation or Schumann sessions (5-8Hz). Avoid using at night.

Blue tinted light has been shown to reduce the risk of seizure (Takahashi & Tsukahara). Use with any session.

Effective for pain reduction and meditation. Use with Alpha and Schumann sessions (7-10Hz). Green is also the most universally accepted color by most people.

Improve cognition and focus. Use with Beta, ADD and Brain Brightener sessions (14-20Hz).

Increase physical arousal and energize yourself. Caution: may cause anxiety. Use with Beta and Energizer sessions (14-20Hz). Don’t use at night, under stress, or if you have migranine.

Best for contemplative meditation and building creativity. Use with Theta sessions (4-7Hz)

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