VION Negative Ions Purifier

VION Negative Ions Purifier

The VION negative ions purifier is the latest hybrid home and office solution for achieving a healthier environment and body through the application of negative ions as well as the removal of pollutants with a HEPA-grade air filter. Suitable for room size between 12-20m3 , with more than 6 millions ions/cm3 output capacity, it servers multi-purposes for your healthy living needs.

Benefits Negative Ions

Some reported benefits of Negative Ions Include:

  • Cell reparation and rejuvenation
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Stress and fatigue relief
  • Cramp and ache reduction
  • Promotes faster wound healing

Apart from removing harmful pollutants from the air, negative ions also neutralize the positive ions generated by electronic devices such as computers, air conditioners, TVs, etc. When our bodies are constantly exposed to positive ions, including from the environment and from the foods we consume, our homeostatic balance can be disturbed. This can lead to illness and stress. By having an extra electron to donate, negative ions can help to stabilize free radicals and neutralize their damage. Therefore, negative ions are also considered antioxidants.

VION Negative Ions Purifier

Unique Advantages of VION Air Purifier

It is possible for us to absorb negative ions through inhalation (breathing) or electrically react with them via our skin. Electrons can enter our skin surface directly through direct conduction of negative electrical fields with high potentials and neutralize excess free radicals. Compared to inhalation, this may be a more effective way of “transferring” electrons into our body since air ions get neutralized and degraded quickly after leaving their emitter.

2-in-1 Negative Ions Transfer

VION Air Purifier offers a hybrid, 2-in-1 electron transfer system via air or through skin contact. Both modes of transfer can be applied simultaneously, resulting in greater overall effectiveness.

VION Negative Ions Purifier

The VION Enviro model is designed for extensive use and comes with many features to enhance your way of life. Featuring integrated air quality monitoring and negative ion therapy, you can now effortlessly welcome healthy ions into your body.

Air Filter

• Precipitates dust
• Removes smoke and odor
• PM2.5 filtration
• Reduces airborne contaminants, viruses and bacteria
• Pollen and spring allergy
• Allergens, mold and pet dander

Negative Ion Air

• Enables negative Ion absorption (via breathing)
• Reduces respiratory ailments
• Eases allergic reactions
• Neutralizes positive ions and pollutants in the air

Negative Ion Skin with VION Pad or Mat

• Enables electron absorption (via skin)
• Neutralizes positive ions in the body
• Enhances focus
• Strengthens immunity
• Overcomes fatigue and stress
• Stimulates proper blood circulation
• Supports healing of wounds and conditions

Air Quality Detection

• Sense PM2.5 air quality level
• Detects humidity levels
• Senses surrounding temperatures

VION Negative Ions Purifier

Product Specification

Product NameVION ENVIROAdapter Voltage100-240 AC, EU Plug
Product SizeW21.6 x L21 x H32 cmOutput DC 24V, 1A, 24W
Negative Potential Ouput5KV +/- 0.5KVNegative Ions> 6 Millions Ions / cm3
Noise Level22-56 dBCoverage Area12-20m2
HEPA Filter ClassH13, Active CarbonCADR120m3/h
Net Weightapprox. 2.8 kgWarranty Local 1 Year

Retail Price: SGD 668.00

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