Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG

Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG

Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG Neurofeedback

Macrotellect has taken the concept to modularity and portability two steps further, by introducing a removable EEG control unit that can be used for various headgears, including yoga band and golf cap. Macrotellect Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG Neurofeedback is 100% compatible with the original NeuroSky TGAM. Brainlink is a brainwave EEG sensor that collects the user’s brainwaves and shows the users the brainwave report (via Bluetooth) on a smart device and PC applications. It can help users maintain and achieve their peak mental fitness at their own pace.

NeuroSky’s TGAM is the world’s most popular EEG solution. Together with dry-electrode, it senses the signals from the human brain, filters out extraneous noise and electrical interference and converts to digital power. This “brain-power” can be used in health and wellness, education and entertainment. Embedded within the TGAM, is the TGAT chip, a powerful, fully integrated single-chip EEG sensor. The chip comes programmed with NeuroSky eSense, A/D, amplification off head detection, and noise filtering for EMG and 50/60Hz AC powerline interference. The TGAM is priced to power mass adoption in toys, mobile devices, educational gear and other products.

Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG Neurofeedback Key Functions:

  • Focus Training: Brainlink enhances psychological performance and improves the concentration of children in education. Moreover, it can also be used in athletic training and ADHD treatments.
  • Meditation & Stress Relief: Brainlink helps you meditate. The neurofeedback report allows you to review your session and guide you to reach a truly meditative state.
  • Entertainment: Play games and control objects with your mind. There are a number of apps in which you can have fun with your friends and family while improving mental fitness.

How Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG Neurofeedback Benefits?

Through the use of Brainlink EEG Neurofeedback, we become more mindful and more aware of stress indicators. In return, we are more in tune with our neurological and emotional health. By following regular relaxation practices and mind activities, we can help you unlock the potential of your brain, reshape your brain’s neuro-connectivity, improve mental performance, and achieve mental and physical wellbeing.


Focus/Attention Training

Beta 13- 20Hz. (Low) Beta brainwave is important to help one to stay focus and alert. This is especially useful for children and students in helping them to improve study focuses. Beta spectrum is also important for professionals like athletes, gammers, etc. that requires high focus capability. Focus training is also widely used by institutions to improve attention span of ADD/ADHD patients. EEG Neurofeedback systems are also now widely used in the senior population, to keep their mind active and engaged – to prevent the early onset of dementia.

Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG

Relaxation/Meditation Training

Alpha Brainwave 7-12 Hz. For meditation and mental relaxation training. With the neurofeedback signal, you can now quantify your meditation level with actual bio-data. Alpha brainwave at 10.2 Hz is known to unleash one’s utmost creativity – Eureka moment.

Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG

Brainlink/NeuroSky Applications

Brainlink Lite 2.0 not only works applications that are designed by Macrotellect but also most of the applications designed for NeuroSky Mobile Mindwave EEG headset. Check out the published applications at NeruoSky App Store and Macrotellect App Store

Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG

Note: Brainlink Lite 2.0 is using the original TGAM API, which is the same API used by NeuroSky MMW. There are some changes to the API in MMW+ and MMW 2.0 for iOS app. Therefore look for iOS app that is compatible with MMW (which most of iOS app are).