NeuroSky Resources

The following resources/applications are applicable for NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile and Macrotellect Brainlink Lite 2.0 EEG Headsets

ThinkGear Driver Download (for using on PC/Mac)

You need to install the ThinkGear Driver on your PC or Mac if you are planning to use the headset on them. For Android or iOS system, no bluetooth driver is needed. The ThinkGear Connector (TGC) runs as a background process on your computer and is responsible for directing headset data from the serial port to an open network socket. It is available on both Windows and OS X

NeuroSky 3rd Party Applications

Most of the applications are compatible with NeuroSky MindWave Mobile and Brainlink Lite 2.0, aside some popular iOS app may not be compatible with latest MindWave Mobile 2.0 chipset, as the latest API attempts to directly communicate to the headset, bypass the bluetooth driver running on iOS. Android, PC/Mac are generally compatible and run on all versions of NeuroSky Mobile Mindwave and Brainlink Lite. Brainlink Lite 2.0 is using the original API, hence has a greater

Recommended Apps:

Resources For Developers