EarthPulse Sleep on Command

Earthpulse PEMF for Sleep

EarthPulse Sleep on Command

EarthPulse Sleep on Command has been in the market since 2001, originally designed for sleep entrainment, and is still one of the most effective PEMF devices for brainwave entrainment you can find today. It’s a very compact device that offers an extremely high magnetic field – up to 1,100 Gauss! Instead of using the insulated copper coil as in most PEMF systems, EarthPulse uses high-density ferrite core that offers a modular configuration to achieve different polarity and intensities. The advantage of using PEMF as brainwave entrainment technology is that you don’t have to wear it on your body. The PEMF device can be placed underneath your pillow or mattress while in operation. You can continue to use your own pillow, own mattress, and even the same sleeping posture.  It is totally transparent to you.

The Ultimate Sleep Technology

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed-magnetic sleep-machine has relied upon 9.6 Hz as its cornerstone frequency since 2001 because it is near Alpha-Theta crossover and is particularly useful to help promote deep sleep through a process called ENTRAINMENT; while providing phenomenal performance enhancement effects regardless of being athletic or elderly. A comprehensive database of pulsed magnetic therapy research provides compelling evidence that pulsed electromagnetic fields are the most valuable therapeutic option for a wide range of human and veterinary disorders.

Sleep on Command™ utilizes an Earth-amplitude, ultra-low-frequency (ULF) electromagnetic signal during the nighttime. ULF is 1 Hz – 3 Hz and corresponds well to Delta-rhythm. At the start and finish of the program, we feature 10 Hz. Or, you can choose to sleep at 10 Hz all night. Toward the end of its programming, the pulsed magnetic field sweeps up to Beta-rhythm (alert) to even help you wake. The pulsing magnetic device simply mimics and supplements the friendly magnetic resonance fields so that during the nighttime, your brain and body calm to easily attain restful and reparative Delta-rhythm sleep and during the day resonates with natural earth frequency for protection from harmful frequencies and alert focused performance.

TerminologyFrequencyWhat that means
Delta1-3 HzAssociated with deep, rejuvenating sleep; respiration, heart-rate and brain activity slow thereby conserving energy that can be sequestered for repair, hormone synthesis, memory consolidation and immune function.
Theta3-7 HzAssociated with lucid dreaming, sleep and other mental states where the mind is wandering; like dreaming, day-dreaming and imagination. Theta irregularity has been linked to several neurological disease states including; Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, migraine, cluster and other headache symptoms.
Alpha7-12 HzAssociated with a relaxed, calm, and meditative state. Alpha rhythms also occur during sleep, particularly while falling asleep and again in the morning prior to waking. Associated with the thought process and heightened learning.
(low) Beta12-14.1 Hz12 Hz – 14.1 Hz, are “normal” waking rhythm and occur during concentration. Associated with the alert, active thought-processing state with no stress. Frequencies above low-Beta (15 Hz) occur when excited or fearful.

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EarthPulse Sleep on Command is an extremely configurable PEMF device that is designed to customize to individual sleep pattern. There are both predefined modes and manual modes for experimental use like pain relief and other PEMF related therapy. The table below summarizes the modes available in v5.3

EarthPulse Sleep on Command

As each person’s tolerance and sleep pattern may vary, you are expected to experiment with a different configuration, strength and settings that work best for you. The device also allows you to adjust its magnetic fields (80 – 1,100 Gauss for the single magnetic core), and intensity from 10% to 100%. The permutation is simply amazing, for those who want more precise control over the device.

We no longer carry EarthPulse. If you would like to explore an alternative entrainment solution using PEMF technology, please check out also Neorhythm rTMS system.