iMRS PEMF System Evaluation Guide

This section provides you with the information to assist you in evaluating the iMRS full-body PEMF system correctly, on top of your personal expectation and requirements, depending on how long is the rental trial period. Usually we recommend at least 2 weeks to 4 weeks.


It’s important to note the contraindications when using any PEMF related systems.

  • Epilepsy, electronic implants, pregnant women as absolute contraindications, regardless of the risk level
  • If you are having high fever, during an active stage of hyperthyroidism, under immune-suppression medication, flare out of any known immuno-related conditions like eczema, known active tumour growth – discuss this with us first before proceeding

Objective of Evaluation

On top of your own personal requirements, the following objectives should be taken into consideration.

  • The healing effect. This likely the biggest factor of your purchase decision, but also the hardest to achieve. For some effect like pain-relief, sleep or mental related conditions, this likely easier to observe. For some chronic conditions which such solution could take months, this will be challenging. Hence decision for chronic conditions might need to evaluate mainly on the working principle aspect, and using this evaluation opportunity to get a feel of the actual product before purchase.
  • Side-effect. You want to know if there is any side-effect that might stop you from using the system. However, do always note that there recovery symptoms which may appear as a side-effect. This is especially obvious when your body is trying to readjust for the better. Symptoms like short term nauseous, dryness, headache, increased pain are normal during the initial application.

Usage Guide

  • The rental system comes with an Omnium1 Tablet with a power adapter, A D/A connector box and a Full-body Mat. Connect them out as shown in the diagram below.
iMRS PEMF Evaluation Guide
  • Launch the iMRSone app.
iMRS PEMF Evaluation Guide
  • For general application, use the 5 Quick Start Programs
    • Morning (5am – 11am) – choose either Activation
    • Noon (11am – 3pm) – Choose – Performance/Relaxation
    • Evening (3pm – 8pm) – Choose Regeneration
    • Night (8pm and after) – Choose Night
  • For Quick Start, this is a one-button operation. Just press the button once. No need to press the START button again. You don’t have to choose the applicator. The system automatically detect which applicator is connected.
iMRS PEMF Evaluation Guide
  • Body Position. The mat is separated into 3 sections. The different section has different intensity – head/shoulder section has the lowest intensity whereas the lower section has the highest intensity. The head/shoulder section is where the wiring is connected into/out. You may put a pillow under your head to make yourself comfortable.
iMRS PEMF Evaluation Guide
  • Mat / Applicator direction – in iMRS implementation, there is no specific polarity facing (i.e. specific side need to face to body). Reason being in iMRS, the polarity is reversed every 2 minutes. This is one of the technique to prevent cellular response fatigue to stimulation.
  • For senior, chronic conditions with a very weak body, use the manual setting. Choose intensity 10-25, and timer no more than 10 minutes for each session. Press the START button.
  • Leave a gap of at least 4 hours in between usage, ideally morning, afternoon and night. i.e., 3 times per day is sufficient. More is not always better.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, before and after the session. Ideally, drink a glass of warm water 10-15 minutes before the session, and immediately after.

Maintenance and Usage Note

  • Place the full body mat on a flat surface. Do not bend the middle part of each section as these are where the coils reside. You may place the mat on a bed, but make sure you do not stand on top when you put on a cushioned surface.
  • Do not block the ventilation holes of the black connector box.
  • When connecting the full-body mat applicator to the black connector box, do not FORCE in the pin connector. Instead, find the ledge point (i.e. twist around the edge and you will find a slot in point), then screw it in.
  • You do not have to shut-down the Omnium1 tablet after every use. The tablet has a screen saver and will turn off the screen. Just press the power button or the home screen button to reactivate the screen.
  • Avoid using a mobile phone, tablets during the session. Place active electronic devices, especially wireless devices like router, mobile phone away from the mat to minimize interference.
  • Keeping / Folding of Mattress – The correct folding technique is to fold the mat in half along the vertical line, with hard surfaces facing inward, soft/cushioned surface facing outward. Then fold the 3 sections in Z arrangement (i.e. top and bottom sections should form the top and bottom layer respectively).

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